Type of International Programs

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Believe it or not, there are graduate programs that allow you to fulfill part of your degree requirements at a partner institution abroad. These programs tend to focus on international affairs or policy degrees. Have a look at this section for a full list of programs.

Graduate School and Degrees Abroad Resources

Diversity Abroad has a number of resources available for you to successfully gain access and attend a graduate program abroad. Have a look at the following sections for information on a range of topics from graduate school basics to scholarships and financial opportunities. 

Graduate School Basics 

Intuitively, we know that there are differences between undergrad and grad school, but how different are they? Have a look at this section to see what the benefits are of attending a graduate school and one that is abroad. 

Graduate Degrees Abroad 

there are a number of graduate degrees and programs that you might be interested in overseas as an option versus conducting your graduate degree domestically.  In this section we provide information and highlight a number of programs that allow you to conduct your graduate degrees overseas. 

Graduate Degree Programs Overview 

This section provides an overview of graduate degree programs, domestically and internationally, which you might be interested in attending.   There are a number of steps that you will need to take in getting ready to apply to any school. Have a look and get all the information necessary towards attending a graduate program.

Financing Grad School 

There is a number of options to finance your graduate degree from scholarships, fellowships and loans.  Have a look at this section for a full list of opportunities to conduct your graduate program overseas.

Study Abroad in Grad School 

Though it seems a study abroad experience was something to take advantage of as an undergraduate student, there are also a wide range of programs for graduate students that allow you to travel for a semester, a summer or even a portion of time you are enrolled in a program. There are also graduate studies programs overseas that you can look at that allow you to get your degree from and international institution


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