Language Fellowships

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Language study isn’t just for undergraduates. Below are a few programs that help graduate students gain access to language study abroad while pursuing their degrees. 

Boren Fellowship

Boren Scholarships provide up to $20,000 to U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin American, and the Middle East. The following countries are excluded: Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Boren Scholars study less commonly taught languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Swahili.

Boren Scholarships are funded by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), which focuses on geographic areas, languages, and fields of study deemed critical to U.S. national security

Deadline: Typically, late January

Critical Language Study Scholarship

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program offers intensive summer language institutes overseas in eleven critical need foreign languages. The CLS Program was launched in 2006 to offer intensive overseas study in the critical need foreign languages of Arabic, Bangla/Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish and Urdu. In 2007, Chinese, Korean, Persian, and Russian institutes were added along with increased student capacity in the inaugural language institutes.

Deadline: Typically, Mid-November

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship

This program provides funds for academic year and summer fellowships to certain universities in order to assist graduate students in acquiring foreign language and either area or international studies competencies. Students apply directly to the university that offers the program. The University of Indiana and the University of Wisconsin – Madison, for example, are two institutions where the fellowship is available. A full list is available on the Department f Education’s website. Applicants must meet eligibility criteria in order to receive fellowships.

Deadline: Please have a look at their site for details.



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