Why Teach Abroad

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Due to various historical and economic circumstances, English has become the dominant language of the world. According to the British Council at least one billion people speak or are trying to speak English, and of those about 300 million people are actively studying the English language. These statistics help to explain the emergence and explosion of the TEFL industry. This is very good news for English speakers who find themselves in possession of a commodity that is in much demand throughout most of the world.

Teaching abroad is an incredible way to immerse yourself in the local culture, interact on a meaningful level with the locals and earn some money to travel. Teaching however is not easy, it's challenging and you will earn the money you make. It is a job after all, and like any job you should commit yourself to it. Take a TEFL course, research the local culture, and ask yourself in advance if you have the patience and commitment required to teach abroad.

Below are some reasons to teach English abroad:

• English teachers are in demand in countries around the world

• One of the few practical means of finding a paid position in many countries

• Form meaningful relationships and connections with students

• An opportunity to improve your foreign language skills

Some of the advantages to teaching English abroad:

• Over 900 K-12 overseas American, Anglo-American, British and international schools worldwide

• Teach abroad in first rate, private international schools with excellent faculty and facilities

• Excellent, tax-free salaries (in most locations) for overseas teaching

• Teach abroad in English – at times no foreign language is necessary

• International (multicultural) student body

• Small class sizes

• Opportunity to save significant funds

• 5000 teaching overseas vacancies each year

• K-12 teachers of all subjects recruited annually from the US; UK; Canada; Australia

• Gain international experience

• Become part of a team of innovative, creative educators enjoying the experience of the overseas teaching adventure.

• See the world!!!!


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