Covering the Cost

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Let's face it, volunteering abroad can be a bit costly, so where can you get the money to pay for your trip?

One way is simply to save up. This would require some persistence and planning ahead on your part. However, saving enough money for the trip can be simple. Here are a few tips for you to consider: 

  • Set a goal
  • Get a job and allocate a percentage of your paycheck to your volunteer abroad savings account
  • Put the money in a bank to collect interest
  • Create a coin bottles to collect all the loose changes   

Another way for to pay for volunteer abroad is through fund-raising. Although this method can seem a bit intimidating to try, it can efficiently generate money for your trip. Here are a few steps to begin your fund-raising:

  • Host a simple event (such as a car wash) and ask for donation
  • Always clearly state the cause. Name and describe the organization you are going to volunteer at.
  • Search through your connections and seek opportunities to ask for fund-raises in person
  • Tell the donor what's in it for them
  • Have a specific amount your trying to reach in mind


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