Who Volunteers Abroad

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From corporate employees, retirees, to students,  from health workers, teachers, to lawyers, volunteering abroad is open to almost everyone and can benefit each individual no matter what social background you came from. If any of the following groups describe you, volunteering abroad may be a great choice for you!

  • Students who wants to gain experience and learn foreign culture and language
  • Passionate individuals who wants to make a change
  • People who wants to challenge themselves
  • Study abroad students who wants to pair their learning up with community service work
  • Someone who is considering working or opening their business abroad in the future
  • Anyone who wishes to explore the opportunity to meet new people, join a passionate community, and develop their interpersonal skills.

In general, people from of all year, background and ethnicity choose to volunteer abroad. There are rarely strict, systematic requirements to participate. The biggest attribute during volunteer abroad is to have a big heart!


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