There are many things to consider when deciding on which graduate program to attend. You will not only need to determine your field of study, but also the academic and teaching philosophies implemented at selected institutions.

In deciding where to apply, consider the following:

Program costs

Graduate school can be quite costly. When considering which school to apply, make sure to compare the cost between each program. You will need to also factor in cost of housing and other living expenses. Some cities are more expensive than others.


Choosing faculty is a significant part of finding the right program. Who will be your professors? What are their areas of specialization? Are they more interested in teaching and developing students or pursuing their own research? Are they about to retire?

Program Goals

Not all graduate programs in within a specific field of study are the same. Depending on the academic philosophy of an institution can differ in instructional strategy and outcomes. You will need to research course offerings and professor descriptions. Also, visit the personal websites and LinkedIn pages of program faculty. This will provide you with general ideas of their interests and academic leanings.

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Master's programs with international components


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