Does diversity in graduate school matter? Choosing a program where you'll be exposed to a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints will enhance your grad school experience; academically and otherwise. For many underrepresented students an institution's commitment to diversity can play a deciding factor in which graduate school to attend. Why? Because not having professors or classmates who they can relate to or who share their cultural background can be disheartening and lonely at times. In some cases it can negatively affect academic performance. Additionally, a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences can greatly enhance the in class and out of class discussion and learning. In addition to academic considerations do your homework and learn about the diversity of students and faculty as well as the support for services for diverse students at your potential grad school.

Consider the following questions when choosing a graduate school:

1. Does the university I want to attend have a diverse student body? 

2. Does the university have initiatives or programs to support its diverse student body? 

3. Is the faculty in my graduate program diverse? 

4. Can I manage attending a program that has little to no diversity? 

5. Are there ways I can make graduate school an enriching and diverse experience? 


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