Getting into graduate school can seem overwhelming. Not only do you have to prepare for graduate entrance exams, fill out applications, and write numerous essays, but also go through an interview process. Some institutions still require interviews as a part of the admission process. In order to make your interview a success, try the following suggestions: 

  • Research: Before your interview, learn as much as you can about your targeted institution and think about what value you will add to the program and academia as a whole. 

  • Practice: The more you practice before the actual interview, the more prepared and relaxed you will be. Much of the anxiety that students face during the admission interview can be subverted by practicing mock interviews with family or friends. Many websites provide lists of interview questions that might be asked by an admission interviewer. Download several of these lists and practice responding to the questions. With enough practiced you will be ready for almost any question that the interviewer might ask. 

  • Interview: During the interview keep calm and be yourself. Also, bring extra copies of your resume with you just in case the interviewer needs one or if the interviewer asks you questions in regards to your past. Sometimes during the stress of the interview, we can easily forget the details of what was written on our resumes. Having an extra copy for yourself will serve as a quick reminder.   

  • After the interview: It is very important to leave a positive impression during and after the interview. Admission interviewers see many students during the interviewing process. Being one of the few students who send a thank you letter after the interview can go a long way in helping a student stand out from all the others (make sure to get the interviewers business card so that you can send it to their address).  

Remember, the admission interview process does not have to be as stressful as students make it seem. With enough practice you can mitigate your anxiety and have a successful interview.



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