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Animal & Veterinary Care, Costa Rica - Intern Abroad HQ

Minimum Duration: 2 weeksLanguage Requirement: Basic SpanishEligibility Requirement: Must have experience in animal careThe insight provided during this entry-level internship program is aimed to help determine whether a career working with animals is right for you - the program is ideal for those with a love and compassion for animal care. Participants assist with animal care at a veterinarian clinic and, according to any level of current veterinarian training, may additionally shadow and work alongside local veterinarians. The placement is based at a veterinarian clinic, so any participants with veterinary training should clearly state the details on their application, to assist in specific tasks as needed, related to level of training (i.e. emergency care, helping with spay/neuter clinics, vaccinations). Typical tasks may include feeding and cleaning assistance, as well as providing medication, grooming, and tasks related to customer service within the clinic.Our internship programs include a guided reflection course, which combines personal development with professional competency building. Interns receive weekly reflection modules to complete during their program - each introduces a new topic, presents learning objectives, and provides specific prompts to inspire the reflective journaling process.Short-term internships provides an introductory experience, however longer participation is encouraged in order to take advantage of the reflective process (up to 12 weeks) and gain greater experience. No grades are directly involved and interns can independently arrange academic credit through their home educational provider.


  • Animal Science
  • Animal Welfare
  • Veterinary Medicine/Science
  • Internship Programs
  • Spanish
  • Student Trips (non-credit)
  • Biology (General)

Required Languages:


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