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  • USAC Ireland: Irish Folklore, Archaeology, and Politics in Cork
    Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, is located on the south coast of the island. The city is a busy seaport and the home of a large number of industries including electronics, pharmaceuticals... Study Abroad
  • USAC Germany: German Language and European Studies in Lüneburg
    The Lüneburg program is ideal for students interested in learning the German language and focusing on European Studies—specifically Germany’s role within the European Union—or for fall and yearlong... Study Abroad
  • Emory Tibetan Studies Program
    Situated in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas and home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala is the capital of the Tibetan exile community. Within this remarkably beautiful and culturally... Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Urban Studies
    Urban StudiesDiscover how the city has become the focal point for cultural expression, social change, and political tension. Often symbolizing freedom and upward mobility, the city promises a bette... Study Abroad
  • DIS - Study Urban Design in Copenhagen, Denmark
    Using Copenhagen - one of the world’s most livable cities - as a laboratory, you will work on projects creating people-friendly and livable urban environments. You will use analytical design method... Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Environmental Science of the Arctic
    Environmental Science of the Arctic Explore climate change theory and other environmental issues through the lens of climate history in the Arctic, and examine the evidence on your study tour to Ic... Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Computer Science
    With the ever-increasing speed of technological advancement in computer science, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Denmark invests heavily in this area with specialized educations and publi... Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Terrorism & Security
    Better understand the concept and phenomenon of terrorism, and the attempts to counter it. We will analyze recent European cases and the asymmetric strategic approaches employed by security service... Study Abroad
  • DIS - Study Interior Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark
    Explore Danish Modernism and interior design traditions along with New Nordic ideas about interior architecture. Enhance your design methods by approaching design problems from a contextual Scandin... Study Abroad
  • DIS - Study European Humanities in Copenhagen
    Four different core courses explore European history, film, art, literature, philosophy, or religious studies in the iconic settings that define the Western tradition. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Travel... Study Abroad
  • China: Community Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Please visit our website for more information. This summer program will en­gage you with integrated healthcare in China today, where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medi­cine coex... Study Abroad
  • Panrimo Study Abroad Programs in England
    King Arthur, Queen Elizabeth, and Shakepeare have all called England home. Now it's your turn! Whether you're riding the Tube to school or eating fish and chips in Marylebone, it's sure to be legen... Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Biomedicine
    Experience the dynamics of drug discovery and development, learn biotechnology-based methods for disease treatment, and widen your perspective on the relationship between research in academia and t... Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Public Health
    Public Health In Sweden and across Europe, the complex relationship between migration and existing healthcare structures is an ongoing challenge. Through contemporary case studies, investigate migr... Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Child Development & Diversity
    The Scandinavian approach to childhood is progressive, sparking discussion about parenting, childcare, and culture. Through your practicum experience and reflection on current issues, gain new pers... Study Abroad
  • AIFS Study Abroad in China, Chinese History & Culture Summer Program
    Earn 3 credits from Richmond, The Academic International University in London, gaining an intensive introduction to the major themes and events of Chinese history. The program combines formal class... Study Abroad
  • USAC Cuba: Cuban History, Society, Politics, and Culture Studies in La Habana
    The La Habana summer program offers an unparalleled opportunity to visit this enchanting island and legendary city to learn about its culture and society. It will also provide a unique occasion for... Study Abroad
  • USAC Netherlands: Business, European, and International Studies in Maastricht
    The Maastricht program is ideal for students interested in earning credit toward their degree while engaging in hands-on, student-led learning in an international setting. Regardless of the term yo... Study Abroad
  • USAC New Zealand: Agriculture and Environment Fieldstudy in Hawke's Bay
    With all the natural wonders and unique Kiwi cultural experiences you won’t get anywhere else in the world, New Zealand is the ideal place to live and study. The summer Hawke’s Bay program is ideal... Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Psychology
    Study psychological theory, research, and practice, with an emphasis on their application in a Danish and European context.IS THIS PROGRAM FOR YOU?It’s a good fit if you study:Human DevelopmentNeur... Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Medical Practice & Policy
    Engage in a unique pre-medical experience by learning from local medical doctors, focusing on diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and ailments.IS THIS PROGRAM FOR YOU?It’s a good fit if you ... Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Psychology
    Psychology Critically examine psychological theory, research, and practice with an emphasis on Swedish and European perspectives.IS THIS PROGRAM FOR YOU?It’s a good fit if you study:Criminology/Cri... Study Abroad
  • USAC Italy: International Business, Architecture/Design/Art, and Italian Studies in Torino
    As a bustling urban center and Italy’s fourth largest city after Rome, Milan and Naples, Torino is a natural destination for language, culture, and international business education. The city blends... Study Abroad
  • Geography BSc
    Our Geography program offers education in Geography, with special directions in Landscape and Environmental studies, Regional and Settlement development and also in Tourism. All three directions ar... Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Literature
    Literature Discover the complex role of the Other in European literature. This program invites you to join discussions on contemporary issues of identity, marginalization, and the idea of the forei... Study Abroad
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