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Who We Are

Since our founding in 1957, we have answered President Dwight D. Eisenhower's call to prepare students of international affairs to "wage peace." We do so because we believe the world needs leaders who are ready to serve. SIS is guided by 120 full-time faculty. Our world-renowned faculty — leading political scientists, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, demographers, geographers, historians, and experts in international development, global health, communications, energy, and the environment — produce transformational research and prepare more than 3,000 graduate and undergraduate students for global careers in government, nonprofits, and business. SIS houses 20 a wide range of masters programs including global environmental policy, international development, international communication, social enterprise, international peace and conflict resolution, U.S. foreign policy, international economic relations and global governance and security.

Diversity Statement

In the global context of the 21st Century, SIS believes a diverse population and an inclusive school climate are essential components for preparation to work in the field of international relations. Today’s complex issues and challenges require the innovative ideas and perspectives of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and places along with the skills to engage successfully with these differences. SIS understands its position as a top ten school of international affairs as an opportunity to prepare a more diverse next generation of leaders in the field that is well-equipped to see differences as a pathway to better creativity, advanced problem-solving and greater capacity.

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