API Gap Year in Salamanca, Spain

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API Gap Year in Salamanca, Spain

Spanish Language and Culture Program This program is designed for students who want to improve their Spanish-speaking ability. Beginning level students will focus on grammar and on developing their oral and written proficiency. Intermediate and advanced level students will complete 2-3 Spanish cultural electives in addition to the grammar course. Students will take 3-4 hours of classes daily. International Studies and Business Program This program offers students of all levels the opportunity to take some international studies courses in English, while also offering Spanish language and culture classes in Spanish to intermediate through superior levels. Students with no previous Spanish study are welcome to enroll in the classes taught in English. Classes conducted in Spanish are not available at the beginning level. Spanish language is the only class conducted in Spanish offered at a low intermediate level. High intermediate, advanced, and superior students can choose among all the different elective classes conducted in Spanish. Students choose 4-5 classes per semester.


  • Spanish Language Literature And Studies
  • International Studies
  • Business

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API Teach in Colombia

English training is an important step to help locals succeed in school, widen their job opportunities, and improve communication in the global market. API has paired with organizations who dedicate their work to Colombia's “National Bilingualism Project” by offering English instruction to Colombian students and adult learners. We offer a variety of co-teaching placements Colombia, ranging from government-sponsored programs in public schools (primary or secondary), vocational schools (ages 17 and above) and professionals within the tourism industry, to independent/private institutions including business English and schools.

Participants are required to teach 20-25 classroom hours and put in an additional 15-20 hours of classroom prep, grading, office hours, and staff meetings per week.


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API High School Bella Italia: Art, Language, and Culture in Italy

API students will discover the wonders of Italy on this two-week art, language and culture program. Starting in Rome, students will visit many of Rome’s major sites, including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Then, the group will travel to Tuscania to meet welcoming host families ready to prepare home-cooked Italian meals for students while they live in an idyllic medieval town to explore the creative arts of drawing and photography. Tuscania has been admired for centuries for its picturesque setting, fine culture and foods, and cobblestoned streets. Surrounded by medieval walls and guard towers, the town provides endless opportunities for authentic cultural immersion.

Students will spend mornings studying Italian language, photography* and sketching with the wonders and beauty of Italy as the backdrop for inspiration. In the afternoons and on weekends, students participate in experiential activities such as pottery workshops, cooking classes and urban treks, and will explore the pillars of Italian culture and history with visits to Florence and Venice.

Ages: 15-18 year olds only, completing grades 9-11
Language Level: No Italian language experience required

Housing: Local host families/hotels; Some meals and laundry are included; breakfast and dinner daily are included. Students are responsible for buying lunch.


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