Arcadia in Rome Summer

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Arcadia in Rome Summer

As one of the world’s most visited cities, Rome is a study abroad destination on every student’s wish list. This summer program can give you an extraordinary peek into The Eternal City and beyond, learning about Italian life from the locals in the streets and neighborhoods of this ancient yet cosmopolitan city and of other places in Italy. The focus is on field study and learning outside the normal academic classroom set up.

This program is part of the Summer Sessions initiative, allowing you to mix a session on this program with a session on a program in another country.

Choose from one of these two courses for Session I: 

  • Modern Life in the Eternal City: Explore contemporary Roman life and culture in different neighborhoods of this bustling international city. These experiences will explore the outdoor, Mediterranean lifestyle in the summer, connecting urban and rural influences, agriculture, food and society and includes a field study in a rural setting.
  • Sketching Rome: Introduction to DrawingExplore the eternal city with your professor and your sketching pad to savor and record your version of what lies in front of you. By sketching, painting and writing thoughtfully from all corners of one of the world’s most fascinating cities, you’ll distance yourselves from technology for a moment and join the likes of Cicero, Byron, Shelley and countless others who explored this city.


  • Ethnic Studies
  • Media And Cultural Studies
  • History

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1601 Church Road

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