Italiana Language and Culture Summer, Lecce

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Italiana Language and Culture Summer, Lecce

The School of Italian for Foreigners (SIS Lecce), in partnership with Libera Università Mediterranea LUM “Jean Monnet,” is located in ex Convento dei Teatini - a 17th-century Baroque era monastery in the heart of Centro Storico, Lecce's historical center.

SIS Lecce offers a meaningful and rewarding learning experience to anyone with a strong desire to learn or improve the Italian language. Students of every level are welcome. The only prerequisite is a love of Italian language and culture.

The SIS Lecce team includes dynamic and dedicated teachers who, with skilled office and support staff, work together to make each student's participation safe, relevant, memorable, and rewarding.
  • The daily grammar and conversation sessions are both fun and rigorous, and they are conducted through an interactive, culture-based approach. Small classes guarantee lots of individual attention.
  • Language and cultural studies are supported by co-curricular activities which provide a variety of opportunities to experience the distinct cultural traditions of the region and to interact with local residents. The learning labs link learning the Italian language with local cultural activities such as cooking, crafts, and folk dance in a way which enhances the language learning experience and exposes participants to the rich local culture.
  • Choose to study during one of the three months offered or register for back-to-back sessions.


  • Romance Studies
  • Culture Studies
  • Italian Language Literature And Studies

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