BCA Dalian, China

BCA Dalian, China

• Experience Chinese hospitality and learn about family life through the monthly BCA host family program. The time you spend with the family visiting local cultural sites, learning about traditional foods or celebrating festivals and holidays will provide a different perspective on the customs and culture of Dalian. 
• Connect with local artists and experts who can help you to learn and practice traditional Chinese arts such as painting, music, papercutting, calligraphy, Tai Chi and kung fu through courses at the university.
• Push yourself to learn Chinese at the largest center for Chinese language instruction in northeast China. DLUFL hosts many international students, but few U.S. study abroad students, all committed to learning Mandarin. 

Learn why Dalian is known as the North Pearl of China, the City of Romance and the City of Fashion and get to know your host city like a local with the expert guidance of the BCA Dalian Resident Director. Your RD will help you to learn about and reflect on the rich cultural diversity of China through various activities and visits. The BCA excursion may vary by semester, but in the past has included visits to an off-the-beaten path section of The Great Wall of China, the Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi’an and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-- the inspiration for the mythical land in the film Avatar.

Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DLUFL) specializes in Chinese and other language instruction. DLUFL was one of the first National Chinese Proficiency Test centers in China, and for there is no better place to study students seeking complete immersion in Chinese language and culture. As a BCA student you are required to take an Introduction to Chinese Culture course as well as a package of Chinese language courses based on your language proficiency. Additionally, you choose to take one or two courses either in the fields of Chinese arts and culture, international business or diplomacy.

You have the chance to meet and befriend local students interested in improving their English and learning more about American culture through activities with the School of English Studies. You also have opportunities to join clubs such as the travel club for outdoor enthusiasts and participate in events on DLUFL’s lively campus. Students who are more independent also meet locals through daily tai chi practice in parks or other activities around the city. BCA’s monthly host family program allows you to practice your Chinese and learn about family life in Dalian.


  • Business
  • International Business
  • Chinese Language
  • Management
  • Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations
  • International Law

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BCA St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago

• Live and study in a place known for its religious tolerance and multiculturalism in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago – often called the “Rainbow Country” in part due to the ethnic mix of Amerindians, Africans, Asians, Europeans and Middle Eastern Trinbagonians.
• Connect with local organizations or non-governmental organizations focused on disability services, the environment or gender and women’s rights by volunteering during your time in Trinidad.
• Gain a fresh perspective and experience a different teaching style at the University of West Indies, St. Augustine, which offers more than 300 accredited programs across 24 schools, centers and institutes. The university’s faculty and students come from more than 40 countries creating a diverse and exciting learning environment.

As a native of Trinidad, your BCA St. Augustine Resident Director is the perfect cultural guide for your semester abroad. Through activities in St. Augustine and around Trinidad, your RD will help you have a Trinidadian experience and connect to the cultural and ecological diversity of the country in locations like the Caroni Swamp, a large mangrove wetland, or beaches that are the nesting grounds for the endangered leatherback sea turtle. The BCA signature excursion varies by semester, but may include a multi-day excursion to the autonomous island of Tobago known for its wide, sandy beaches and biodiverse tropical rainforest.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) offers world-class accredited academic programs. The campus provides modern teaching and learning centers with committed lecturers who are highly accessible to you. You will experience a diverse learning environment with faculty and students from more than 40 countries. The university offers programming in business, humanities, engineering, gender studies, natural sciences and social sciences. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to take courses such as The History of Carnival in Trinidad and other courses in the Department of Festival Studies to explore Trinidadian culture and carnival year-round!

Trinidad and Tobago is the most southern Caribbean nation positioned off the northern edge of South America. The city of St. Augustine in Trinidad is the birthplace of soca and calypso music as well as the steel pan. It’s also home to the largest Caribbean carnival which showcases the country’s creativity and talent as participants wear extravagant handmade costumes and dance in the streets for hours. As a BCA student, you can learn about the significance of carnival through courses and activities at the university. You can also join in on campus activities and clubs, or volunteer in the local community to further connect with local people.

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BCA Trentino, Italy [Summer]

• Study in the beautiful Alpine region of Northeast Italy known for its breathtaking views, crystal glacier lakes and convergence of Italian and German culture.
• Analyze the complex interaction between people and their environment by focusing on sustainability and the food industry or public engagement with the past. Review it all from the Italian Alps’ perspective, a place renowned for its distinctive history, heritage, environment, and commitment to sustainability. 
• Choose a truly immersive academic program that combines interactive classwork, outdoor educational activities, and visits with local organizations.  You can also challenge yourself to get the most of your time in Italy by taking both courses!

Possible BCA excursions and cultural activities…
• Bolzano: Tour the capital city of the Alto Adige/Südtirol region bordering Switzerland and Austria. This city is known for its medieval castles, jagged limestone mountain peaks and South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.
• Trento: Visit the state-of-the-art science museum in Trentino’s capital city. Enjoy the museum’s rooftop garden, Glacial Experience and Biodiversity Labyrinth.
• Adamello Brenta Nature Park: Participate in a multi-day residential mountain lab where you’ll focus on mountain history or agriculture and local food production.

The Trentino program is designed to create intense cultural immersion opportunities for students interested in history or sustainability. You can take an experience-based course in public history focused on Alpine Italy and its thousands of years of history as a frontier area in the very heart of Europe. Or take the course “Sustainability, Food, and Landscapes in the Italian Alps” which considers issues of global concern such as sustainable agriculture practices, climate change and resource management with Trentino as your case study. In both courses, you will begin the program through a structured virtual pre-semester course component before traveling to the Italy where the Alpine region becomes your classroom as you visit villages, meet with local experts and connect to businesses and organizations.

Your BCA Trentino Resident Director, a native of Trentino’s capital Trento, will introduce you to the exceptional natural resources and warm hospitality that characterizes the region. You will also have opportunities to meet local students and young professionals through various community-based groups focused on connecting residents to the natural resources of the area. The region itself is known as an outdoor paradise where you can participate in biking, trekking and other outdoor sports. If you’re interested in the arts, Trentino has a wide variety of galleries, castles and museums, as well as historical and archaeological sites to visit during your summer.

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