Costa Rican Adventures

Who We Are

Crawford Hill is the owner and director of Costa Rican Adventures, an educational travel company focused on cultural immersion. An expedition leader, former biology teacher, and educational innovator, Hill has been guiding students and adults on wilderness adventures since 1974.

Diversity Statement

Expedition Mentality is the patented Chill Expeditions process to build the most positive and meaningful on-trip culture possible. It begins with our guides and permeates through to each and every individual, so that the result is greater than the sum of its parts. The core of Expedition Mentality is the recognition that every individual has a great deal to offer the expedition and has a responsibility to both contribute to the welfare of the group and be the beneficiary of similar thoughtful behavior by everyone else. This is a challenging undertaking, and we are superb at working with groups to realize this goal and make the most of the experience. We have worked with every type of school and family group imaginable… and we have learned a lot. The intragroup culture is the foundation for getting the maximum out of your limited time. This takes vast understanding and strong leadership on the part of Chill Expeditions, and this is one of the factors that sets us apart. This is what we do, and our clients love the result. It endures!

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