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Foundation for International Education's mission is to provide high quality educational experiences to the global community. In pursuit of these goals, FIE is committed to the development of creative learning environments wherein an understanding of, and appreciation for, the privileges and responsibilities of international citizenship is fostered. This commitment is driven by the belief that interaction between people of diverse cultures is the base upon which empathy among nations is built.

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FIE provides a welcoming, supportive and inclusive living, learning and working environment for the entire FIE community.
Featured Programs
FIE Dublin students on a co-curricular trip to Derry, the last walled city in Ireland

FIE Dublin: Summer Irish Studies, Business & Culture

Spend your summer exploring Ireland in this action packed 5 week program with FIE Dublin!

FIE: Foundation for International Education

114 Cromwell Road

FIE students looking out over the city of Amman

Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East

This exciting dual-city program explores the roots of international conflict and peace making processes

FIE: Foundation for International Education

114 Cromwell Road

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