Who We Are

Frontier was established in 1989 as a non-profit conservation and development non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem integrity and building sustainable livelihoods for marginalised communities in the world's poorest countries. Originally focused largely on scientific and conservation research, Frontier's mandate soon evolved into one that combined community development, capacity building, ecosystem protection, economic growth, and the development of civil society. Frontier has over 300 volunteering abroad projects in countries throughout Africa, South America, Europe and Australasia, giving you unlimited adventures and excursions in beautiful locations. We have used our wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of ethical travel, wildlife conservation and community development to ensure that we find you the perfect project. You can contribute to positive change in the future of marginalised communities by participating in a development project, teaching a class of neglected children in under-funded village schools, volunteering in a local medical clinic, or taking part in ongoing marine conservation research in a protected marine eco park. Your time with Frontier will be the perfect combination of hands-on learning and valuable practical experience with the adventure of a lifetime.

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