Gustolab Institute Center for Food and Culture

Who We Are

Why study abroad with Gustolab Institute? Gustolab Institute is the first Academic Center for Food and Culture Studies in Italy and study abroad programs in this field. Our headquarters and classrooms are located in the historic center of Rome, steps away from Piazza Navona. Gustolab Institute academic programs include: lectures on cultural, social and economic aspects of food in Italy; hands-on workshops with chefs, TV directors, journalists, nutrition experts; guided visits to farms, vineyards, artisanal workshops, fishing boats, coffee shops, TV studios, Food Channel TV studio, Food Magazine headquarters, Web and Advertising agencies, and more.... lots of fun! For a critical investigation of food, culture and media communication in Italy, it is not enough to read about it, you must live it.

Diversity Statement

The 5-week program in Rome introduces our students to one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals, its multicultural and yet inherently European environment through the lens of food culture. The result is a life-enriching experience abroad that offers our students invaluable personal, academic and professional opportunities.

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