if i could

Who We Are

Cape Town internships that contribute to a better world... Do you want to work in the development or humanitarian field? Travel the world, learn about different cultures, and give back? Gain valuable work experience in the development sector, while living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? if i could... offers niche internships with reputable non-profit organisations based in Cape Town. Our experienced team will find a meaningful placement for you, tailored to your skill set and interests.

Diversity Statement

Our parent company, Creative Consulting & Development Works, is a Level 2 BEE Contributor (125%). We believe in… WORKING WITH PURPOSE - we are committed to using our skills and talents in service to a better world EXCELLENCE – we uphold the highest standards of professionalism and effectiveness ETHICS – we work in a way that is always principled, just and honourable DEVELOPMENT – we have faith in the potential for growth, improvement and advancement of both the individual and society EXPERTISE – we are ongoing learners and appreciate being knowledgeable specialists in our field

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