International Humanity Foundation

International Humanity Foundation

Who We Are

Half of IHF's mission is to educate the poor and the other half is
to educate the world about the poor. Our vision is to strive for a
world of leaders and citizens who have interacted with, and are
truly knowledgeable about the world's poor. We believe in a
"pass it on" philosophy where education is free and available for
all who seek it. Those of us who have received a free education
pass it on by helping others less fortunate by teaching,
interacting and learning. With just a few hours a week, our
volunteers, children and sponsors are changing the world we live

Diversity Statement

IHF is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that
strongly believes in an equal opportunity for all and in
preserving the cultures, traditions and beliefs of the
marginalized communities it works in.

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