New Renaissance Florence International Film School

New Renaissance Florence International Film School


Film Production, Acting for the Camera. Performance Art, Artist in Residence, 4 week intensive in professional film production. Esoteric Renaissance, Infinite Human Workshop, Writing from theSoul

Who We Are

Florence International Film School educates, inspires and promotes the architects of an Infinite New Reality with a perfect balance of personal, spiritual and technical growth. We strongly believe that the creative process can not be separated from the psyche of the human but is an innate part of it, and therefore to celebrate this infinite human spirit we incorporate it's highest essence into the emerging technological renaissance.

Diversity Statement

I have a vision of a New Global Renaissance. This is a Renaissance of Consciousness that begins here in Florence where artists, writers, actors, film makers and more co creators an infinite new reality! ​ Just as the Esoteric Renaissance of the past fueled the creative works of the great artists, writers, architects and musicians like Michelangelo, Leonardo di Vinci, Botticelli the New Renaissance Florence International Film School will fuel a Consciousness Renaissance in you and pull our world out of darkness and into the light of a Golden Age of Love, Expanded Awareness and Infinite Possibilities!

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