Pacific Discovery

Pacific Discovery

New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, Nepal & Tibet, Central America, South America

$20,000 annually


Safety Record

Who We Are

Since its inception in 2001, Pacific Discovery has taken thousands of students and many faculty-led groups on our experiential journeys. Our summer, semester and gap year programs are grounded in the philosophy of experiential education, where learning is facilitated and hands-on. Our programs are overland journeys, blending cultural immersion, personal and leadership development, volunteer and community service projects, experiential education, wilderness exploration and optional transferable academic credit. Our Mission is to offer the world’s best experiential programs - providing insights into our increasingly global society, developing empathy for other cultures, furthering understanding of international issues, heightening appreciation for the earth’s wild places, and assisting you to stretch and grow.

Diversity Statement

Pacific Discovery values diversity, equity, and social justice. We aim to create educational experiences that further these values in their accessibility and inclusivity, educational outcomes, and student support. We seek and encourage the involvement of people from traditionally underrepresented audiences in all of our programs, activities, and workplace.

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