Summer at the Sorbonne

Summer at the Sorbonne

Would you like to spend next summer studying abroad in Paris learning French language and culture? Then this program is for you. Paris Study will give you an excellent introduction to Paris through an intensive orientation, a comprehensive tour of Paris, and an excursion to Versailles. Then you will start classes at the Sorbonne. All students in this program take a French language class at the prestigious Sorbonne. You also have the option of attending French civilization lectures for credit. Extracurricular activities include tours of Parisian neighborhoods, a French cooking class, a wine tasting, and more. Excursions to London, Giverny, and the Champagne region are included. Please visit Paris Study's website for more detailed program information.


  • French History & Culture
  • French Language Literature And Studies
  • French

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Any Major in Paris Program

Study in Paris no matter your major. Study French at the prestigious Sorbonne and take one to two online courses at a regionally accredited university based in the U.S. Choose from hundreds of courses. The subjects listed below are only a fraction of what we offer. Paris Study offers three program lengths. 16-Week Semester 10-Week Semester 7-Week Summer Paris Study programs include housing, tuition, cell phones, excursions, cultural activities, and much more. Please see our website for more details.

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