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The word qasid is used to describe a path that is direct and smooth. This is the way we believe the Arabic language should be taught. The Qasid Institute for Arabic has quietly developed a reputation as one of the leading centers in the Middle East for Arabic language learning. A comprehensive curriculum taught over five distinct levels takes a student from the proper pronunciation of letters to a level of mastery.

Diversity Statement

The remarkable nature of Qasid’s program carries students far beyond the borders of Jordan and above the obvious linguistic advantages of immersion in an Arab land. Of perhaps even greater importance is the international scope that intrinsically benefits Qasid students for a lifetime. Each in a very personal way. And that invaluable quality does not come by accident, but by the intention of those who established the institute. It is therefore notable that one of those founders is a former US Fulbright scholar. The same spirit animating the Fulbright program — mutual respect, cultural understanding, and bridge-building — is embodied at Qasid. Far from simply teaching a language, Qasid hopes to play a part in the cooperation of East and West by creating a space that facilitates intellectual and cultural exchange.

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