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Our Global Poet Scholarship for every student who studies abroad

Who We Are

Whittier College is a residential four-year liberal arts institution that prepares students from diverse backgrounds to excel in a complex global society. Through challenging, interactive courses, taught by accomplished professors, students learn to make connections across disciplines, understand cultural perspectives, and integrate learning with practical application. Inspired by a Quaker heritage, the Whittier education equips students to be active citizens and effective communicators who embrace diversity and act with integrity.

Diversity Statement

Our Quaker founders believed that the divine light lies within each person and that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect. This belief translated into a tradition of admitting students from all backgrounds. As a result, over our 130 years of existence, Whittier has been on the forefront, among liberal arts colleges, in creating a campus that reflects the ethnic diversity of our nation. Currently more than 50 percent of students at Whittier and a quarter of our faculty are people of color.

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