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Pursue your academic and personal goals abroad. Build your semester by choosing a Core Course from 28 Academic Programs in Copenhagen and 11 in Stockholm, and select from over 280 upper-level courses between the two locations – all taught in English. Or, in the summer, you can mix and match between either DIS location over four sessions – staying for just one session or adding together two to three sessions. Your freedom of choice extends to your housing, where you have multiple housing options to ensure the best fit for you. If you are a semester student, you travel with your Core Course on two faculty-led Study Tours related to your Academic Program! Summer students travel on a week-long Study Tour for all Session 2, 3, and 4 courses. On tour, visit important sites and meet with local experts who add their perspectives to your knowledge of the field. All DIS courses take you out of the classroom on local Field Studies, exploring Copenhagen and Stockholm through an academic lens. Our courses also offer you opportunities to participate in research, simulate real-life scenarios through case studies, gain professional feedback in studio, update your resume with practicum and workshop experience, and more.

Diversity Statement

DIS aims to be an inclusive, pluralistic, and diverse study abroad institution that prioritizes creating a learning experience and environment where everyone can reach their full potential, and build skills to navigate in the globalized world. Our student body, faculty members, and staff are all diverse in perspectives, backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicity, and skills, which is integral to our overall goal of academic excellence. As a community, we are all responsible for creating the environment that we want to have at DIS, one that stands for equity and equality. At DIS, we believe that embracing diversity in all aspects of the learning and working environment is necessary for students to reach their full potential. We want to create a community in which each member feels welcome and supported, across all identities and life experiences. This includes, but is not limited to, diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference and socio-economic background.
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Connect with DIS - Study Abroad

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