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Shanghai Internship Program

The Boston University Shanghai Internship Program offers a semester of study and internship experience, in the vibrant and booming metropolis of Shanghai. Chinese language courses are offered at all levels and no prior coursework in Chinese is required. Students with no previous background in Chinese enroll in the eight-credit “Beginning Intensive Chinese” course. This program gives students the opportunity to experience the professional culture of China and apply their coursework in language and culture on a day-to-day basis. Internship placements vary according to students’ interests, backgrounds, previous work experience, and language ability. The program provides opportunities in a wide range of disciplines, so students from all majors are encouraged to apply.

IES Abroad Beijing - Contemporary Issues in China Semester

As the political, intellectual, and cultural capital of China, Beijing is a dynamic city reinventing itself for the 21st century. Beijingers remain proud of their traditions, their language, and a rich heritage that dates back centuries, making it the perfect place to study Chinese while learning about past, present, and future of China. Spend as much time as you can indulging in the rich culture of Beijing: explore the maze of hutong, shop the glitzy areas of Chaoyang, and wander through the majestic Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. Beijing - Contemporary Issues In China What better place to study contemporary issues in China than in Beijing, a city where the future is inextricably linked to the past? From the majestic Summer Palace to the bold designs of the 2008 Olympic Village, the sights and sounds of Beijing will enchant you as you study Chinese history, economics, and culture. Based on the campus of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, the program begins with the Understanding China seminar. As part of this seminar, you conduct an interview project that culminates with student presentations. Next, you take a sequential series of rigorous 300-level seminars (such as Chinese Government and Politics and Development and Environmental Challenges in China) taught one-at-a-time at an accelerated pace, while you continue with your daily Chinese studies. This program is structured around three distinctive �blocks� or seminar modules that all students must take. You take one course per module, for a total of three during the semester. Area studies seminars are taught in English by scholars from leading academic institutions in China, the United States, and other countries. Each course features extensive experiential learning, and two courses include field study to locations such as Yunnan Province and Tibet. With daily seminars 2�3 hour seminars and discussions, along with journaling, presentations, and challenging assignments, this program offers in-depth engagement with special China-focused academic topics. Beijing will also be your classroom. From eating jian bing purchased from a street vendor to haggling in Mandarin in a bustling market, everything you do will be part of your learning experience. We want you to feel at home in China, so we will do everything we can to help you integrate into life in Beijing. To facilitate language improvement and cultural understanding, you have the option of living in a homestay or in a dorm with a Chinese roommate. We also organize many cultural activities throughout the semester.

AIFS Study Abroad in Suzhou, China: Semester or Academic Year

Spend a semester or academic year in Suzhou with AIFS. Suzhou, China's equivalent of California's Silicon Valley, is a hub of global innovation. No previous Chinese language study is required. Earn 12 credits studying abroad at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), the result of an historic partnership between a Chinese and British university combining the very best of east and west to prepare you for the modern world. This China Studies Program includes courses in business, Chinese language, cultural studies, history, international relations, politics, sociology and theater.You'll live in a university residence hall with a meal allowance included. Enjoy cultural and social activities such as an introduction to Chinese painting and calligraphy, a Tai chi show, a tea ceremony, Chinese cooking classes and visits to museums, galleries, Suzhou's famous gardens and more. Excursions include a day trip to Shanghai, a day trip to Hangzhou and a day trip to Zhou Zhuang Water Town. An optional 3-day Beijing Weekend Excursion is also available.

Undergraduate Global Learning Semester

Are you interested in studying abroad in the heart of China with undergraduate students from around the world while earning Duke University credit? Apply now for the Global Learning Semester for Undergraduates at Duke Kunshan University (DKU), a new joint venture institution sponsored by Duke University and Wuhan University located in Kunshan, China just outside of Shanghai. Spend a semester living and learning with Chinese, US, and international students while also taking advantage of the rich historical and contemporary resources of the Shanghai region. More than a study abroad program, this Global Learning Semester program presents new ways of learning about China through exciting interdisciplinary classes in global health, business & economics, Chinese language, the humanities, as well as the physical, biological, and social sciences. Students successfully completing the program will receive Duke University course credit that can be transferred to your institution. Furthermore, students who successfully complete the DKU Global Learning Semester will be offered the opportunity to attend Duke University Summer Session in Durham, North Carolina. DKU Global Learning Semester students will emerge from this experience as international citizens with broad international perspectives and deep China insights.

The CAPA Shanghai Global Cities Program

Centrally located in the heart of Shanghai, CAPA’s Program places students in the world’s newest powerhouse. Students study at East China Normal University (ECNU) a world-renowned research university known for its beautiful campus scenes with gardens, canals, bridges, and open space. In your free time explore all the diverse things Shanghai has to offer such as famously adventurous street food, state of the art transportation, bartering at markets, etc. In Shanghai the world is at your fingertips as a business, tech, and international trade hub. As seen from the global impact of Shanghai’s economy, diversity is everywhere in the bustling city described as “The Venice of China.”

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China: Health, Environment, and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Study pressing health and environmental issues this major world power confronts today and how these factors shape and sustain Chinese society and indigenous knowledge systems in Yunnan Province and on excursion to Beijing, while earning up to 10 credits for Chinese language study. Based in Yunnan Province, home to a rich diversity of minority communities and traditions, this program examines the social, economic, and cultural factors shaping health and the environment in Yunnan and China. Here, you will gain a deep understanding of China’s rich multicultural history and broadened perspectives on the major issues and challenges confronting China today. In addition, you can rapidly advance your Chinese through the program’s language component, which yields up to ten academic credits. Please visit our website for more information.

Beijing Center

The SU Beijing program is located at top-ranked Tsinghua University, and offers students at all language levels (including those with no prior Chinese language knowledge) an opportunity to study the complexity of contemporary China. The program offers coursework options across disciplines - including history, political science and international relations, public communications, and economics.

Semester at Sea - China - Fall/Spring Voyages

Semester at Sea (SAS) voyages explore up to 12 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa on a 100-day voyage. When you sail on SAS voyages, you have an opportunity for cultural engagement in as many as 15 cities worldwide, while earning 12-15 academic credits form Colorado State University. Gain a new understanding of world issues and varying cultures through first-hand observation in field classes, service trips, homestays, international student exchanges, interaction with local business owners, and much more. Come sail on our floating campus, the MV World Odyssey, and see what the world has to teach you! SPRING 2017 VOYAGE: San Diego, CA, Hawaii, Japan, China, Việt Nam, Burma, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco FALL 2017 VOYAGE: Germany, Spain , Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Burma, Việt Nam, China, Japan, Hawaii SPRING 2018 VOYAGE: Hawaii, United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, Việt Nam, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), India, Suez Canal, Croatia, Morocco FALL 2018 VOYAGE: Germany, Spain , Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Burma, Việt Nam, China, Japan, Hawaii

Study China Summer Program at East China Normal University

This summer program offers students the opportunity to improve their Chinese language skills in a small, intimate class setting. Students will participate in an intensive Chinese language class and also take part in cultural activities and excursions around the city of Shanghai. Students will be able to obtain a better understanding of Chinese culture and society. In the past, excursions and activities have included a river cruise, acrobatic show, and lectures on Chinese cuisine and Tai chi. A four-day excursion to Beijing is available for an additional fee.In this program, you will take intensive Chinese language class each morning, and participate in cultural activities during several afternoons per week. You will be learning alongside international students from all over the world.


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