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Ghana: Africa in the 21st Century

Please visit our website for more information. Key Topics of StudyThe ways in which Africa is represented in mainstream discourseNew and emerging technologies in Ghana and how they are impacting Ghana’s social landscapesTechnologies such as social media and money apps, solar energy, and rural and urban water supply systemsThe impact of new technologies on livelihoods in rural vs. urban GhanaProcesses that are simultaneously facilitating and inhibiting technological applicationHow class structure in Ghana is changing and the processes that are driving this changeHow changing class structure is transforming Accra’s spatial formations and use of public spaceChanging gender relations and the status of womenThe ways in which contemporary global power relations are implicated in constructing discourses of despair about Africa and elsewhere

Semester at Sea - Ghana - Fall/Spring Voyages

Semester at Sea (SAS) voyages explore up to 12 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa on a 100-day voyage. When you sail on SAS voyages, you have an opportunity for cultural engagement in as many as 15 cities worldwide, while earning 12-15 academic credits form Colorado State University. Gain a new understanding of world issues and varying cultures through first-hand observation in field classes, service trips, homestays, international student exchanges, interaction with local business owners, and much more. Come sail on our floating campus, the MV World Odyssey, and see what the world has to teach you!

Global Health, Development, and Service Learning in Accra

This program is ideal for students interested in studying global health and development issues in Africa. On this program you will take courses examining health and development in Ghana, as well as contemporary issues facing Ghanaian society. As a complement to your coursework, you will be placed in a hands-on service learning/internship experience at a local community organization, healthcare service provider, or research institute. You will also receive an introduction to Modern Twi (Ghana's most commonly spoken language), through your on-site orientation or as a course offering. If you have career aspirations in the field of community and international development, social work and health-related occupations, you will greatly benefit from this program.

CIEE January Ghanaian Studies Program in Legon, Ghana

Forbes magazine ranked Ghana as the 11th-friendliest country in the world. This January, spend three weeks exploring this extraordinary West African culture. Take a class with a local university faculty. Experience culture firsthand through excursions and activities. Explore palm-lined beaches and exotic wildlife. Begin to learn the Twi language. You won’t believe how much you’ll experience in three weeks. Study abroad in Ghana and you will: -Take an innovative course in Ghanaian culture taught by faculty from the premier institute of higher learning in Ghana -Learn firsthand about Ghanaian society through volunteer opportunities at local orphanages, NGOs, schools, and other service organizations -Explore Ghana’s rich history and culture through a series of CIEE excursions to sites including Aburi and Cape Coast


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