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Volunteer Program China

The Volunteer Program China (VPC) has been set up in conjunction with a wonderful non-profit organisation, which supports the development of blind and visually impaired foster children in Beijing. This 8-week project runs year round, offering hands on volunteering experience and full cultural exchange for those who are serious about dedicating their time to helping others. Volunteers will live at the orphanage, located on a self-sustainable farm and become part of the family. Full training into how to work with children with disabilities will be provided and volunteers will be responsible for providing assistance through teaching English, helping with sponsorship and fundraising, working on the farm, organising extra curriculum activities, teaching music and much more! As well as becoming actively involved in the day to day running of the orphanage, volunteers will be fully immersed into the Chinese way of life, through language learning and cultural activities.

USAC Chile: Spanish Language, Latin American, Anthropological, and International Studies in Santiago

Santiago is flanked on the east by the lofty Cordillera de Los Andes with its snow-covered peaks, and on the west by the Cordillera de la Costa. It is a city of contrasts: its colonial vestiges and nineteenth-century buildings stand side by side with modern skyscrapers; its long shady avenues mingle with busy roads; and its plazas and parks are tranquil oases in the midst of the bustling metropolis. Although immersed in the hectic rhythm of this thriving city, its inhabitants maintain their hospitality toward foreigners. Leading Chile’s considerable cultural endeavors, Santiago boasts symphony orchestras, major dance companies, a host of professional theatre groups, a full slate of concerts and movie theatres, and attractive craft markets. Today Santiago has more than five million inhabitants, a third of the country’s population. Supplement courses with remarkable tour/field study trips to the north and south of Chile. Join cultural excursions to the houses of Pablo Neruda in Santiago, Valparaíso, and Isla Negra. Visit the attractive Pre-Columbian Arts Museum, Museum of the Memory, and Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center. Experience Santiago’s diverse cultural blend of Native, Spanish, and international residents. Take advantage of great opportunities for skiing, surfing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Enjoy the benefits of a large urban city that has preserved the hospitality and accessibility of a small community.

API High School in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The API Spanish Language and Community Service program in Argentina takes place in the fabulous metropolis of Buenos Aires. This program is a two-week or month-long Spanish language immersion program providing students with the opportunity to live with host families and practice their Spanish inside and outside the classroom. Classes are held in the mornings, while the afternoons are filled with cultural activities and visits to local attractions. During the weekends, the group will take excursions to Tigre and a nearby estancia. Students will also perform community service during the week in the La Boca community; those in the 2-week program will volunteer for a total of 10 hours, while those in the 4-week program will volunteer for a total of 20 hours. Possible projects may include the following: playing games with school children, teaching English, and painting and redecorating a community center. Students will live with carefully selected host families in the Recoleta or Palermo neighborhoods who will provide students with two meals per day and an inside look at everyday life in Buenos Aires.

IVHQ Costa Rica Program

Volunteers can choose from a wide range of projects including Childcare, Teaching English, Construction and Renovation, Turtle Conservation, Eco Agriculture Conservation, and Healthcare. The local team in Costa Rica are supportive and efficient, and many volunteers highly regard this program, making it one of the most popular among our North American travelers. Essentially a land bridge connecting two major continents, Costa Rica is home to 210 species of mammals, 878 types of birds, 218 reptiles, and over 35,000 species of insects. With a remarkably high biodiversity density and a sharp contrast in landscapes, from mangrove to mountain top, Costa Rica is home to approximately 5 percent of the world’s species with more types of butterflies than all of Africa and more types of birds than the whole of North America. Over 25 percent of Costa Rica’s land mass is protected, and this makes the nation the world leader in conservation policies. Volunteers are encouraged to explore the rain forests, tropical day forests, cloud forests, marine areas, and wetlands in support of Costa Rica’s conservation efforts. Some of these parks include Arenal Volcano National Park, Carara and Corcovado National Park and Monteverde Cloud Forest. Not to mention, the white, gray, and black sand beaches and prolific wildlife dotted with small towns and laid back fishing villages can be discovered along the Pacific Coast to the west, or similarly, along the Caribbean coast to the east. As Costa Rica is home to over 50 volcanos, the lava deposits have created unique black and gray sand beaches, such as Playa Negro and Playa Hermosa. These beaches are uniquely soft to the touch and visually striking when contrasted with crystal clear water and remarkable sunsets at dusk. Despite a peaceful worldly disposition, the country still suffers hardship in the area of inflated prices of food and imported goods. Poverty stricken in many areas, the nation still battles corruption, poor road conditions, robberies, illegal drugs, and a sluggish legal system. Most volunteer placements are based in and around San Jose, and volunteers are accommodated in homestays with local families and other volunteers also serving on the program. Buses are the most common mode of transportation; however, there are many universities and parks to stroll in the area. Volunteers who are helping on the Turtle Conservation project are placed in one of four locations on either the Pacific or Caribbean coast. Those who would like a retreat from city life will be most comfortable staying in the basic but cozy homestays in the cloud forests of Monteverde while on the Eco-Agriculture project.

Volunteer in Ghana

Ghana is a gem on the coast of West Africa, a country that boasts a vibrant tribal culture, breathtaking natural beauty, a world-class capital city, and a powerful and moving history. Its friendly English-speaking people and its status as a stable, peaceful democracy have given it a reputation as a great destination for first-time visitors to Africa. Nonetheless, Ghana faces many of the challenges other African countries face, including poverty and lack of infrastructure, and many Ghanaians do not have access to adequate healthcare or educational opportunities. Volunteers in Ghana work side by side with local people at schools, orphanages, health clinics, and environmental organizations to help build a stronger future for the Ghanaian people.

Volunteer & Service Learning Projects In Jamaica

Our volunteer/service learning options give students the opportunity to provide community service in Jamaica and help the less fortunate, while creating solutions to real problems. You can work in orphanages, teach in schools, do sports coaching, teach a foreign language, environmental conservation, medical volunteer projects and much more.

Volunteering in Nepal

VOLUNTEERING IN NEPAL Volunteer in Nepal with Volunteering solutions which offers vide range of volunteering projects and safe placement in Nepal such as volunteer with Teaching, Childcare and Orphanage, Healthcare Medical programs as well as 2 week short term and Summer volunteering programs. PROGRAMS STARTUP AND DURATION Volunteer can join programs on first and third Monday of every month and can choose the duration from one week to 6 months. LOCATION OF VOLUNTEERING PLACEMENT AND PROGRAMS The Volunteering Solutions program is based in the Kathmandu, Nepal. 2 WEEK SHORT TERM VOLUNTEERING If volunteers don't have much time and want to experience of Volunteering in Nepal for a short term work, Register with Volunteering Solutions to get an International Volunteering Experience. VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS Volunteers must be over 17 years or older on the program start date. Volunteering Solutions also accepts groups of school and college students, Professionals and families for Volunteering. VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS DESCRIPTIONS Volunteer can participate in different projects such as teaching, women empowerment, Heathcare, Childcare center and Orphanages where provide basic educations, prepare meals, playing with children. Medical Professionals from medical background to provide importance of basic hygine, can work in Mobile Health Clinic to provide healthcare services with professional and qualified doctors.


Eco-Volunteer UP Foundation welcomes families and friends who would like to volunteer together. Volunteering in Latin American as a family, or even as a group of friends or co-workers, can be one of the most wonderful and gratifying experiences of your life. We have a range of programs that combine volunteering and sightseeing opportunities in some of the most popular destinations around Ecuador. As a family volunteering, your children can discover parts of the world they would probably never learn about at school. Our programs allow for a unique, in-depth look at a foreign land that is just not possible on a typical vacation. As a group, your classroom, club, or co-workers, can have one of the most incredibly rewarding experiences as together you learn about and experience life and culture in another land. This is an amazing opportunity to bond as you do something completely different and out of the ordinary. Our volunteering programs are suitable for family or groups from all areas of society: college students on a summer break, students from a class or university department, sports teams, work colleagues or even groups of friends looking for a truly original volunteer experience! The programs we offer range in length from a one week stay to 12 weeks, depending on the time you have available and project that you would like to participate in. Many of the projects can accommodate groups of various sizes. Please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can match your group's size with the right opportunity. Please also inquire about opportunities that include volunteer work and the chance to travel. Summer Volunteer Expeditions Volunteer and Trips

El Nomad Sustainable Volunteer Program

Combine hands-on volunteering with the adventure of living immersed in Ecuadorian culture with El Nomad Study Abroad Programs. Past volunteer experiences have included a wide variety of fields, from mangrove-planting in the Amazonian jungle to women's advocacy at Casa de Mujeres. Because of our extensive local network and established relationships in Ecuador and the Cuenca community, El Nomad is able to offer a wide array of sustainable volunteer projects in the fields of Human Rights, Healthcare, Environmental Studies, Disabilities, Education, Research, Nonprofit Management, and Fine Arts. Contact us today to learn more about the customizable options for you or a group!


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