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  • A Girl Consumed by Wanderlust

    I often got asked where I was from and with my response being the United States people would ask where I was really from. The concept of African American ...

  • An Amazing Voyage with Semester At Sea

    While traveling around Asia, I received a lot of stares because of my skin color. I’m African American and they've never seen someone of my skin complexion ...

  • Japan & Fashion

    I had watched many Youtube videos of other foreigners who went to Japan, mostly from the African American descent. I realized while on the train in Japan, ...

  • Diversity in Japan | Abroad Guide

    Japanese Americans are also sometimes surprised to find that they are not considered fully Japanese, even if both their parents are Japanese, as they were not raised in ...

  • The Spontaneous Choice to Go Abroad

    However, I was awarded the Pitt-Study Abroad Scholarship. The African American Alumni Council of the University of Pittsburgh also gave me a grant.

  • An American Abroad

    I don’t want to contribute further to that American stereotype.Another thing that comes up a lot for me as an American here is our politics.

  • Playing American Football in Spain

    I did not. I played American Football for the Seville Linces. Since I'm American, they expected me to be very good.

  • Learning about African Legislative Systems from My La-Z-Boy

    How far away is the clientelism often associated with African governments and the American practices regarding lobbying? What’s the ...

  • Diversity in South Africa | Abroad Guide

    Additional Resources:Cultural Events in South AfricaEvents in South AfricaSouth Africa Holidays and EventsThe history of ...

  • AIFS Study Abroad in London, England: Black London

    AIFS Study Abroad in London, England: Black London AIFS Spend 3 weeks of your summer studying the history of the African Diaspora in the Black London course ...