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Brazil: Public Health, Race, and Human Rights

Please visit our website for more information. Study healthcare policy and community well-being in Brazil. Investigate how grassroots organizations, community activists, and university professors work together to improve access to healthcare and other basic services while considering the complex racial dynamics of Northeast Brazil. This program provides an in-depth exploration of healthcare in different groups and communities in Brazil. You will study how individual and community well-being is affected by race, social class, politics, and other factors. You will analyze Brazil’s national healthcare system; traditional healing methods, especially those rooted in the Candomblé spiritual belief system; and other alternative health options. You will learn from physicians and nurses, government health officials, political activists, NGO representatives, urban and rural residents, herbalists and Candomblé healers, indigenous leaders, homestay families and others. In all examples, healthcare will be viewed as a basic human right. This year, SIT will award over $1.5 million in scholarships and grants.


  • Portuguese Language Literature and Studies
  • Public Health
  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Area/ethnic Studies
  • Health Administration
  • Healthcare Systems
  • International Human Rights

Required Languages:


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