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Jamaica is a tropical island paradise known for its tourism, music, and culture.Formerly known as the Spanish island of Santiago, Jamaica came under British rule in 1655. The African-Americans who now make up its population came as slaves to work on its sugar plantations until a series of rebellions resulted in emancipation in 1834. Anglophone Jamaica attained full independence in 1962. Today Jamaica is a constitutional monarchy and a member of the British commonwealth.
Despite problems with organized crime and illegal drug trade, Jamaica has become one of the premier vacation destinations in the Caribbean on account of its excelling natural beauty and tourist infrastructure. The lavish beach side hotels and resorts are a world away from the crime and poverty of the cities.Jamaica is well known for its influential culture, of which reggae music has been a defining part. Jamaica has produced many world-famous musicians such as Bob Marley, an activist singer and songwriter widely considered the father of reggae.


Jamaica has a tropical climate. Summer is the wettest season.

Religion and Festivals

The religion practiced by the majority of Jamaicans is Christianity, but many also practice Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Rastafarian ism, and various animistic cults.TransportationJamaica is a small island. Two international airports in Kingston and Montego Bay service incoming flights. Along with other airports, they are a viable way to get around locally. Buses are inexpensive but often very crowded.


Traditionally many young professionals would emigrate to other countries for employment and advanced training, but this is becoming less the case as the Jamaican government seeks to retain talent by improving and expanding local tertiary institutions.
Jamaica’s best known school is the University of the West Indies, originally an external college of the University of London. In addition to the original campus in Mona, Jamaica, UWI has campuses on Barbados and Trinidad, and smaller locations on some 16 islands. UWI is well known for its Faculty of Medical Sciences, which trains many of the doctors and health care professionals in the Caribbean.
The University of Technology, Jamaica is known for its school of pharmacy and health science and has the only school of architecture in the English-speaking Caribbean. The recently established University College of the Caribbean also plays a large role in training Jamaica’s professionals.

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There are many scholarships to fund your study abroad experience. Here is a list of Diversity Abroad scholarships available for study in this country:

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Diversity Guide to Jamaica

  • Tips for LGBTQ Students

    Although there LGBTQ populations are present in Jamaica, anti-LGBTQ attitudes largely still persist. Legally speaking, same-sex relationships are deemed immoral and punishable by law. Therefore students who identify at LGBTQ that elect to study abroad in Jamaica should do considerable research in what programmatic support exists during their time abroad.

  • Diversity

    black 91.2%, mixed 6.2%, other or unknown 2.6%

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