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Ireland is a country that is rich in culture and history. Located in Western Europe, Ireland occupies the majority of the island of Ireland in the northern Atlantic Ocean, west of the UK. The rest of the island is occupied by Northern Ireland, which is administratively linked to the UK. Apart from the glamorous landscapes, medieval castles and Christian monasteries, it is the livelihood and youthfulness of Ireland’s locals which set the country apart from the rest. Metropolitan cities like Dublin and Cork bring out the spirit of the Irish youth, while the rural villages offer an old fashioned charm and stunning landscapes. The Irish take pride in their country and love to share their enthusiasm with students.

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Whether you choose to indulge in the scenic spectacle of Emerald Isle, or spend a night at the local castle, everything in Ireland carries the Celtic atmosphere. Spending time with the locals is always a favorite memory of Ireland for students. Pub sessions, live music, and mini-festivals light up the corner of every city. Apart from all of the unique experiences that Ireland has to offer, the country has excellent resorts and opportunities for hiking, surfing, cycling and countless other outdoor activities.

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Staying Healthy & Safe in Ireland

Western Ireland is known for its mountains and natural beauty. Eastern Ireland is known for its castles and medieval villages and towns. Visitors should definitely check out places like Newgrange and St. Canice’s Cathedral.

Diversity Abroad Tips

"One of the biggest tourist sights is the Blarney Stone. As legend has it, kissing the blarney stone gives visitors the “gift” of eloquence. I had the chance to visit Ireland back in 2012 and as frightening as it is to lean backwards and kiss the stone, it was definitely an experience to remember.

Also, if you visit the general post office in Dublin, make sure to take a closer look at the columns on the exterior.  2016 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the Eastern Rising, of 1916, during which the Irish fought the British army for independence. You might see a few bullet holes that remain from the eastern rising during the war." - Trixie, Student Outreach Coordinator

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Also, here are some links to potential opportunities for students who have studied abroad and graduates interested in work opportunities in Ireland.

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Diversity Guide to Ireland

Note: These tips are intended to serve as an overview and are not exhaustive. Be sure to research your destination thoroughly as your identity can have a significant impact on your experience abroad.

  • Tips for African American and Latino Students

    The economic boom that started in the mid 1990s saw an increase of immigrants from Eastern Europe and Africa. People were generally welcomed and integrated into society without problems. After the economic downturn of 2008 however, race relations worsened as people blamed immigrants for taking jobs and resources from native Irish citizens. Today, the economy is recovering and race relations are better, but problems still exist. American students of color will likely be identified as such, but should still be aware of the racism and xenophobia experienced by people of color from Africa and South America.

    Racism Against Immigrants in Ireland

  • Tips for LGBTQ Students

    Ireland is considered to be a liberal and progressive country in regards to LGBTQ rights. This may come as a surprise to many considering its devoutly Catholic heritage. Despite their history, the Irish voted to legalize same sex marriage by popular vote 62% to 38% in 2015. LGBTQ students will find the Irish to be generally welcoming with a robust and thriving LGBTQ community.

    Ireland Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

  • Tips for Students with Disabilities

    Ireland is a modern country that has significant infrastructure in place for students with physical disabilities. Even at the vast majority of historic attractions, student will find ramps and entrances specifically for use by the disabled. Students with disabilities should only take standard precautions such as planning ahead to make sure routes and venues have the necessary accessibility as not all public transit stops are accessible.

    Accessible Ireland

  • Tips for Religious Students

    Religious Irish are overwhelmingly Catholic. The Irish are also accepting of Protestant denominations and other religions. Although Jewish and Muslim students may not find large communities of fellow believers, you will likely not experience significant problems. Islamophobia however, is on the rise, so students should be aware of their surroundings.

    Muslim Ireland

  • Tips for Women

    Ireland still has some strides to make in regards to women's’ rights. Although it is not as repressive as other countries, abortion remains a hotly contested issue due to the island’s Catholic and conservative past. Despite this women have access to education and high ranking and paying jobs, though a wage gap still exists. Women visiting Ireland should have no significant issues with violence or any gender-based discrimination and should take normal precautions while traveling.

    Abortion Rights in Ireland

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