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The highland country of the United Kingdom is as wealthy with legends as it is with pride and tradition. Scotland holds an unquestionable significance in the history of Western Europe and today it stands as an increasingly popular travel destination for any student seeking to uncover its legends or experience its thrills. Covered in a breathtaking highland landscape, Scotland is the perfect visit for anyone who loves the outdoors. The countryside is rich in diverse wildlife – both flora and fauna. Virtually anything associated with outdoor activities and sports is present and perfected in Scotland: hiking, canoeing, fishing and spending nights in a medieval fortress. The countryside is embroidered with historical sites and monuments. Even though most of Scotland’s charm and spirit derives from its ‘wild’ nature, Scotland is far from uncivilized.


University of Saint Andrews: Established in 1410, University of Saint Andrews is Scotland’s oldest and most prestigious university. The university serves around 6,000 undergraduates across 4 different academic faculties. The student body is very diverse and is comprised of over 30% international students.

University of Edinburgh: Serving a student body of nearly 20,000 undergraduates, U of E is an internationally acclaimed center of teaching and research. The list of notable alumni rivals the world’s best universities: Charles Darwin, Alexander Graham Bell, David Hume, and Thomas Bayes. Many rankings place the University of Edinburg amongst the world’s Best 20 Universities.


White, 97.99%; South Asian, 1.09%; Black, 0.16%; Mixed, 0.25%; Chinese, 0.32% and Other, 0.19%

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Urban giants like Glasgow provide students seeking civilization with city life pleasures. Scottish youth is on board with the latest trends and habits of the global culture while retaining their country’s charm. Pubs, local bars and clubs offer a friendly and social atmosphere and a great opportunity to experience the country’s spirit.

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A list of must-see sites is vast, considering the relatively small size of Scotland: castles of Edinburgh and the Western Isles, the Victorian architecture of Glasgow, the rare wildlife of the Northern Islands – the list goes on. Don’t miss out on a chance to listen to the highland bagpipe music – and maybe even take a lesson. If the images of the outdoors and thoughts of adventure are making you hungry, Scottish cuisine is undoubtedly one of the country’s most highly acclaimed attractions.

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    Scotland offers a relatively mild climate considering its location. The weather is often unpredictable but rarely extreme. The summers never get too hot and the winters are usually not severe. The best time to visit Scotland really depends on your ideal experience – since so many of Scotland’s destinations are related with the outdoors it’s ideal to visit during a warm period; that being said, wintertime offers a whole new Scotland – one that is worthy of exploring.

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