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Home to the second most widely spoken language in the world, and once the most powerful country in the world, Spain had its share of ups and downs throughout history leaving an everlasting influence across the globe. Today, Spain is a popular travel destination for students due to ts architecture, clothing, music, and dance. Spain still carries a great amount of influence in Europe and the rest of the world. Its fashion, music, art and science are constantly evolving and helping redefine the standards of today. Madrid and Barcelona annually stand at the top of the list of most visited cities in Europe, and  its epic history, charismatic citizens and eye candy around every corner enchant the hearts of new visitors year after year.

Studying abroad in Spain offers the opportunity to learn and immerse yourself in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Spain also has breathtaking natural beauty, from picturesque mountains to pristine beaches. Also, its proximity to the rest of Europe and North Africa makes it a crossroads for a number of cultures making your experience even richer. Spain also boasts some of the best nightlife scenes in the world and is consistently ranked as one of the countries that American students study in most.

You will never run out of things to do while studying abroad in Spain. From the historical architecture in Barcelona such as the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, to the countless art museums, wineries and restaurants, you will find new and interesting ways to learn and get connected with Spanish culture and history. Also, no trip to Spain would be complete without indulging in the nightlife, especially in Ibiza, which is legendary.

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There are many scholarships to fund your study abroad experience in Spain. Here is a list of Diversity Abroad scholarships available for study in this country:

Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Scholarship
Diversity Network Summer Scholarship
Diversity Abroad & CISI Planning Scholarship

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Staying Healthy & Safe in Spain

A couple of important links to help you stay healthly and secure while traveling to Spain:

Health & Saftey Information fof Travel to Spain

Spain Safety & Security Overview

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Also, here are some links to potential opportunities for students who have studied abroad and graduates interested in work opportunities in Spain.

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Diversity Guide to Spain

Note: These tips are intended to serve as an overview and are not exhaustive. Be sure to research your destination thoroughly as your identity can have a significant impact on your experience abroad.

  • Tips for African American and Latino Students

    African American and Latino students should be aware of the growing xenophobia and Islamophobia growing in Western Europe. With a growing number of immigrants, students may experience instances of racism. There have been instances of xenophobic remarks and attacks against people from Africa and Latin America. Despite this, black and Latino American students will often be identified as American which comes with a certain amount of social privilege. You should be aware how the social climate in the country and how people with similar skin color and ancestry are treated differently due to nationality.

    Hear directly from study abroad alumni about how their identities impacted their study abroad experiences:

    Minerva from USC
    What’s It Like Being Black In Spain?

  • Tips for Asian American Students

    The Asian population in Spain is growing, but Asian Americans will likely be assumed to be tourists. There will be some disrespectful comments made by some and some challenges along the way. Generally however, the Spanish are accustomed to seeing Asian immigrants and tourist, so you will not have any significant problems integrating into everyday life and society.

    Being Asian In Sevilla
    The Asian Experience in Barcelona
    Being an Asian American in Europe

  • Tips for LGBTQ Students

    Although Spain has a very religious and Roman Catholic history, it is considered one of the most LGBTQ-friendly countries in the world. Same-sex couples have had the right to marry and adopt for over a decade. There are still some challenges, particularly with rights and acceptance of transgender people, but as a whole LGBTQ students will generally have a good experience in Spain.

    Gay Rights in Spain Compared to America
    The Most Gay Friendly Countries in the World

  • Tips for Students with Disabilities

    Generally, Spain is very accessible with streets, public transportation, facilities and other infrastructure suited to meet the needs of the country’s disabled population. Instances of discrimination are low as the government effectively enforces laws protecting the disabled. You should not have any major issues with having adequate accommodations. You should always plan ahead, however, especially for trips to rural areas or outdoor activities.

  • Tips for Religious Students

    Christianity, specifically Roman Catholicism, is the primary religion in Spain. Christian students will have no problem finding faith communities. Students that practice Islam will find a growing number of religious centers to worship in. If you practice Hinduism or Buddhism you may have difficulty finding faith communities and should be prepared to practice on your own. Also, Muslim students should always be aware of growing Islamophobia, which is ironic considering the country’s history and African and Islamic influences. Muslim students should be vigilant, but will generally not experience major issues while in Spain.

    Islamic Influences on Culture in Spain

  • Tips for Women

    Gendered violence and sexual violence is generally low in Spain. The government effectively enforces laws against assault, domestic violence, and workplace discrimination. Women however, may experience catcalling in urban areas, and should also be aware of pickpocketing. Despite these concerns, taking reasonable precautions should ensure safety while studying abroad. You should not anticipate any more trouble than the typical American urban environment.

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