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Recently, Medellin was named "Most Innovative City of the Year", beating out the likes of Silicon Valley and countless others from around the world. The transformation from what the city once was 20 years ago is fast improving the economic and social development of the country.CNN recently listed the 10 things to know before visiting C0lombia. They include being mindful of outdated and harmful stereotypes of drug culture, taking coffee black or "cafe tinto", and seeing the capital Bogota from Monserrate.

With 18 national public holidays and dozens of annual festivals, Colombians love an opportunity to celebrate - and especially with music! Sometimes referred to as the “Land of 1,000 Rhythms,” Colombia is home to Cumbia in the Caribbean region and salsa throughout the country - make sure you celebrate a local holiday and learn some moves by visiting a local discoteca.

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There are many scholarships to fund your study abroad experience. Here is a list of Diversity Abroad scholarships available for study in this country:

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For more scholarships, visit Scholarships for Study Abroad in Colombia

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Staying Healthy & Safe in Colombia

A couple of important links to help you stay healthly and secure while traveling to Colombia:

Health & Safety Information for Travel to Colombia

Colombia Safety & Security Overview

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Also, here are some links to potential opportunities for students who have studied abroad and graduates interested in work opportunities in Colombia. 

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Diversity Guide to Colombia

  • Tips for African American Students

    Colombia has one of the largest African descendant populations in Latin America - second only to Brazil. In fact, the Afro-Colombian population outnumbers the indigenous population, with most concentrated areas of Afro-Colombians in the coastal regions. The Afri-Colombian influence can be seen in many of the cultural artifacts of the country, despite still facing many political and socioeconomic challenges.

    Afro-Colombians are Colombians of African ancestry. They constitute about 26% of the Colombian population today, or about 11 million people. Despite their large presence, stigmas regarding Afro-Latino culture have kept Afro-Colombians and their multiple contributions "invisible" to mainstream society. In fact, they were not recognized as a legitimate ethnic group until 1991. 

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Many Colombians proudly claim that they speak the best Spanish in the world. Because Colombians speak relatively slowly and with neutral accents compared to many other Spanish-speaking countries, it makes it an ideal place to practice your Spanish.

Are you ready for Colombia? Here are few essential resources to help make your trip a success:

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