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Arcadia in Dublin Summer

If you would like to spend your summer in a buzzing European capital city where the young population is multi-cultural, full of students from all over the world and thriving with ,music, film,. literature, culture, and scenic beauty then Dublin, Ireland is for you. This program offers fascinating courses from Irish history to entrepreneurship. Whether you’re chasing your roots or exploring a new culture, the people and places you’ll see on this program will stay with you forever.

This program is part of the Summer Offers initiative, allowing you to take one or both sessions or a mix session on this program with a session on Arcadia in London Summer. If you take two sessions, you will save $1,605!


You’ll choose one course from the following two options:

  • Modern Irish Literature - Explore the works of major Irish writers, dramatists and poets, including illustrious figures such as James Joyce and W.B Yeats, and visit historic sites.
  • Entrepreneurship in Practice - Explore the skills, motivation and challenges associated with being an entrepreneur and developing your own business idea. Ireland has become a model for entrepreneurship in the global marketplace and encouraged many unique businesses to thrive. The course includes a visit to an innovation center.


  • Irish History and Politics - Delve into the defining political and historical events of 20th century Ireland and visit historic sites.

Arcadia staff in our Dublin Center will ensure you fine your feet and make the most of this exciting opportunity, seeing famous sites, meeting the locals and learning about the unique hospitality and culture that you can only find in Ireland.



  • Irish Studies

Application Procedure:

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