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IFSA - January in Mexico

What could be better than exploring Mexico's Yucatán region in January? With temperatures hovering around 85 degrees during the day, you'll warm up quickly to the culture, and visit sites such as world-famous Chichén Itzá. In the three-week Multicultural Psychology class, perfect to fulfill an elective or social science requirement, you'll actively examine the ways psychology is socially constructed. With activities included, your stay in the Mérida will be even more valuable and memorable.

  • Mérida's compact size makes it easy to explore the city's squares and market in this tranquil, yet cosmopolitan city.
  • Spanish architecture adds to Mérida's beauty and personifies the city's long history.
  • Enjoy free evening concerts and a thriving nightlife in a student-friendly atmosphere.
  • The three-week Multicultural Psychology class is a perfect elective or can be used to fulfill a major requirement, and you will earn 3 U.S. semester credit hours.
  • Take your learning into the field and examine how culture informs psychology and beliefs about mental health while engaging with local doctors and community advocates.
  • All activities, including meals and transportation, are included in the program fee.


To make the most of your three weeks in Mérida, IFSA takes your learning outside the classroom with multiple co-curricular activities each week – designed to honor indigenous Mayan culture and engage with locals who champion increased visibility and resources for mental health challenges. These experiences may include:

  • A visit to archaeological sites including Chichén Itzá, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
  • A day trip to Yaxunah to learn about contemporary Mayan peoples and their cultural rituals.
  • A guest lecture on health promotion and consumer awareness in Mexico.
  • An interview with a social psychologist to learn about their applied community projects.
  • A meeting with an educational organization that promotes mental health awareness in public schools.
  • All activities, including meals and transportation, are included in the program fee.


Students in this class will place psychology from a global perspective, learn that cultural differences impact behavior, and explore through a cross-cultural approach those behaviors and mental processes that may be universal. In so doing, students will examine and critically analyze theories associated with multiculturalism and diversity.

The class will explore the ways in which psychology is socially constructed and will pay particular attention to the following factors as they influence human development: oppression, language, acculturation, economic concerns, racism and prejudice, sociopolitical factors, child-rearing practices, religious practices, family structure and dynamics, and cultural values and attitudes. (3 U.S. semester credit hours)


GPA: 2.0 minimum

LANGUAGE: No Spanish Required



  • Psychology
  • Cultural
  • Population and Demographic Studies
  • Latin American Studies

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