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Intensive French in Senegal

Senegal has long been seen as a crossroads where black African, Islamic, and European civilizations have met, clashed, and blended. Today it is still seen as a bridge between Africa and the West. Yet it is also a place where Senegalese people remain deeply attached to traditional values and cultures. This program is based in Dakar, Senegal's cosmopolitan capital. Heated by the African sun while surrounded on 3 sides by cool Atlantic waters, Dakar has a climate often described as "eternal spring."

This 3-week program provides students with the opportunity to study French in a West African francophone context. The Intensive French in Senegal program can be combined with the MSID Senegal semester or academic year program for an extended experience abroad.


GPA: 2.5Student Type: UofM Students, Non UofM StudentsStudent Year: Sophomores, Juniors, SeniorsLanguage: Minimum 3 semesters college-level French



  • French

Required Languages: