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Study & Intern in Rome

Study in the heart of Rome while experiencing the Eternal City. Further immerse yourself in the Italian culture by interning at a local company. Rome is the capital of Italy and has a thrilling history that spans 3,000 years. Renowned worldwide for art, architecture, fashion, and cuisine, it is a vibrant city with ancient and modern wonders waiting around every corner. This program integrates study tours around Rome and other areas of Italy to highlight course content.
This program appeals to students who want to gain work experience through an internship, while also experiencing the excitement & complexity that embodies modern day Rome. Students engage in a variety of courses and study tours around Italy to develop an international perspective. Students with foundational skills in the visual arts and/or design will have the opportunity to enroll in the Italian Design Studio: Blending Tradition & Innovation course. Internships in English and Italian give students the opportunity to participate in Italian work culture.
All courses will incorporate study tours which will allow you to learn about areas in and outside of Rome. There will also be one study tour outside of Rome that will be included in the program fee. Possible locations could be Naples, an Italian olive oil or balsamic vinegar producer, etc.
All students, regarldless of which track you choose, have the option to take the 1-credit Survival Italian course. This is a great way to learn words and phrases to help you navigate your time in Rome.



  • Italian Language Literature and Studies
  • Design
  • Arts
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Sustainable Development
  • Internship Programs

Required Languages: