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Study Abroad Programs

  • Intensive German Language in Berlin
    This program is focused on German language skill development. You will directly enroll in FUBiS, the summer program of the Freie Universität of Berlin. FUBiS offers semi-intensive and intensive Germa… Study Abroad
  • Psychopharmacology in Florence : Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
    This program will focus on the re-emergence of medicine and physiology that occurred during the counterreformation and proceeded in a continuous fashion until the modern period. Florence is well plac… Study Abroad
  • Special Education in Mexico
    This is a two-week experience that begins with a one week stay in Chacala which is a rural fishing village with a pristine local beach on the Pacific Coast in Mexico. During this week students will t… Study Abroad
  • Maya Communities and Social Justice in Chiapas
    This 7-week summer program is ideal for those interested in Spanish, Latin American Studies, Ethnic Studies, History, International Studies, Anthropology, Food Studies, Family Human Services, and Env… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Quito Summer – Environmental Studies : Quito, Ecuador
    Although Ecuador is only about the size of Colorado, it is one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet. Four eco-regions—the Amazon basin, the high Andes, the coastal plain, and the … Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Berlin Summer – Metropolitan & Urban Studies : Berlin, Germany
    Stroll through the streets of Berlin and around one corner you’ll see soaring modern buildings that incorporate cutting-edge sustainable technology. Around the next corner, you’ll see art galleries, … Study Abroad
  • Conservation Field School in Croatia
    The Croatia Conservation Summer Field School offers a unique look at the vernacular building culture of Croatia’s central Dalmatian Coast. The Field school is an intensive historic preservation and c… Study Abroad
  • Pre-Business in Siena
    This program is designed to help you fulfill potential pre-business and general education requirements. The statistics and economics courses are geared to meet the basic concepts needed to fulfill in… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Berlin – Language & Area Studies : Berlin, Germany
    The minute you step off the plane in Berlin, you’ll feel its energy. It’s a place of new ideas, where sustainable technology and modern design are a way of life, and art galleries can be found on nea… Study Abroad
  • API at Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville : Seville
    This program caters to the needs of those with little or no background in Spanish who want to study abroad in Seville, by offering Spanish culture, business and science classes that are taught in Eng… Study Abroad
  • Documenting Life Abroad in London
    In this semester program you will  study and practice photojournalism and documentary filmmaking/storytelling using the diverse people and places of London as your subjects. You will learn photograph… Study Abroad
  • Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program 2020
    The SSSEP 2020 focuses on creating socio-economic value in the region surrounding the University of Pécs. Participants will provide professional support to social entrepreneurship initiatives that ca… Study Abroad
  • CYA - Study Abroad in Greece! (Semester/Academic Year)
    CYA has offered study abroad programs in a wide range of academic disciplines for over 50 years. With supplemental activities varying from archaeological digs to onsite courses, study-travel, and vol… Study Abroad
  • Sustainable Development in Latin America
    Ecuador provides an ideal setting for exploring issues related to sustainable development. The course will examine the tensions, challenges, and possibilities for reconciling development and conserva… Study Abroad
  • Queensland University of Technology
    Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a dynamic university that offers study abroad students creative, multi-disciplinary approaches to social sciences, humanities and performing arts in addit… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad London Direct Enrollment – Queen Mary, University of London : London, England
    There is something irresistible about London. Maybe it’s the sights like Big Ben or the Tower Bridge that already feel familiar. Or the international character that is evident in every neighborhood, … Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Rome Winter Quarter
    As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome: the history of art and architecture, of religion and government. Travel across the Atlantic to spend your winter quarter in one of the most charming cities… Study Abroad
  • Journalism in London
    Immerse yourself in the communications and media scene in London during this five-week summer program. Designed to take advantage of opportunities to experience some of the unique communication headq… Study Abroad
  • Psychology & Research in Madrid : Madrid
    This program is geared toward Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) psychology majors and minors. During the six-week summer program, you will choose two courses from the following list:… Study Abroad
  • Intensive Swahili in Zanzibar
    The Intensive Swahili in Zanzibar program offers you an opportunity to learn the most widely spoken African language, Swahili. You will study the language at an accelerated pace through daily classes… Study Abroad
  • Mexican Studies and Spanish Immersion in Querétaro
    This program is designed for you to learn Spanish language through immersion. You can take intermediate or advanced Spanish, as well as courses on Mexican history, literature, and culture. You will s… Study Abroad
  • BCA Cheltenham, England
    WHY BCA CHELTENHAM·  Pursue a true immersion experience by studying abroad in an English city not frequently visited by tourists or study abroad students! Cheltenham is known for Regency architecture… Study Abroad
  • Architecture in Vicenza
    Gain a valuable perspective on Italy’s contribution to architectural, urban, and landscape design through the ages. The program begins in Rome with a two-week study tour that includes Siena, Florence… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Beijing Summer - Language Intensive
    As the political, intellectual, and cultural capital of China, Beijing is a dynamic city reinventing itself for the 21st century. Beijingers remain proud of their traditions, their language, and a r… Study Abroad
  • Hispanic Heritage in Oviedo
    This program takes place during the month of July and is specially designed for Heritage speakers who are at the advanced level.  You will explore the linguistic, social, cultural and geographic dive… Study Abroad