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Study Abroad Programs

  • USAC Japan: Japanese Language, Society and Culture Studies in Nagasaki
    Japan is a fascinating country rich in culture, history, and with a diverse environment, the combination of which produces one of the most distinctive societies in the world. Nagasaki has unique laye… Study Abroad
  • USAC Spain: Spanish and European Studies in Alicante
    Nestled on the southeastern coast of Spain, Alicante overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. With its sunny climate, beautiful beaches, tall mountains, and rich culture and nightlife, it has becom… Study Abroad
  • USAC Czech Republic: Politics, Culture and Art Studies in Prague
    The Prague program is ideal for students interested in studying and living in an extraordinary medieval city. Prague is an open textbook of modern and traditional literature, art, architecture, and c… Study Abroad
  • USAC India: Christ University Undergraduate Courses in Bangalore
    The Bangalore (Bengaluru) program provides the extraordinary opportunity to study Indian culture, sociology, and global issues and while volunteering in the local community with fellow students who a… Study Abroad
  • GESI in Bolivia
    Bolivia is home to the Andes Mountains, Amazonian rainforests, and Lake Titicaca. Despite its economic potential, Bolivia is the poorest country in South America due to corruption and the exploitatio… Study Abroad
  • GESI in India
    Despite significant growth in India’s national economy and its mounting presence on the world stage, an astounding 80 percent of India’s citizens live on less than two dollars per day. Udaipur is an … Study Abroad
  • GESI in Nicaragua
    Though the region is well known for its volcanic features and beautiful lakes, residents of Ciudad Sandino experience poor infrastructure, low socioeconomic status, and few opportunities to improve t… Study Abroad
  • GESI in Uganda
    Jinja is relatively small, making most places accessible by foot or by bicycle. Citizens face challenges ranging from poverty to climate change - GESI participants will have the exciting opportunity … Study Abroad
  • GESI in South Africa
    The South Africa program differs from other GESI sites in that it has a distinct thematic focus on social entrepreneurship and requires total immersion in remote communities. Students collaborate wit… Study Abroad
  • API High School French Language and Culture Immersion Program Paris, France : Paris
    The API French Language Immersion Program provides students with the opportunity to study intensive French language at the Institut Catholique de Paris, located in the 6th arrondissement (or neighbor… Study Abroad
  • Intensive Spanish in Ecuador : Quito
    Few countries as small as Ecuador contain such remarkable geographic and biological diversity. It ranges from coastal deserts to temperate mountain valleys to Amazon forests. Culturally and raciall… Study Abroad
  • Business in France : Montpellier
    Live and study in Montpellier, one of France’s fastest growing cities and an emerging cultural and educational center. Within easy reach of both mountains and the Mediterranean, and home to 100,000 u… Study Abroad
  • Study Abroad in Dublin : Dublin
    Once a Viking settlement, and with most of its architecture dating to the 18th Century, Dublin is a city rich with history and culture. It is celebrated for its world-famous literary history, having … Study Abroad
  • Study & Intern in Buenos Aires : Buenos Aires
    The elegance of Europe and the spirit of South America live side by side in Buenos Aires. Founded by immigrants along the shores of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires built its identity on Spanish, It… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Buenos Aires – Latin American Societies & Cultures : Buenos Aires, Argentina
    If you’re ready for an urban adventure, Buenos Aires is your city. With endless city districts and neighborhoods to explore, you will get lost in the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires. Tango the nigh… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Arles Summer
    The charming town of Arles, with a 2,000-year-old Roman arena at its center, is famous for its beautiful architecture and its association with Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, and Picasso. Many dance, mus… Study Abroad
  • Temple University Japan
    Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) offers you the opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo during the summer, or for a semester or the full academic year. As a participant in the fall, spring or 10-we… Study Abroad
  • Short Term Study Abroad 2017
    Program Details Dates: 27 May - 8 July 2017 Costs: AUD$3,000 (1 unit of study) or AUD$6,000 (2 units of study) Guaranteed accommodation for 6 weeks AUD$2,100 2 units, 1 of which can be a credit b… Study Abroad
  • Study Abroad
    Every year hundreds of students from around the world are welcomed to the University of Sydney through our Sydney Abroad program. Some come for our academic reputation and our wide range of courses, … Study Abroad
  • Study Abroad Internships
    Do you want to maximise your Study Abroad experience* whilst at the University of Sydney? This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Australian business culture and shape your future ca… Study Abroad
  • CET Florence
    Want to study in one of Italy's most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in an academically challenging environment? With CET Florence, the city provides inspiration--and field trip destinations--for t… Study Abroad
  • AIFS Travel Program: Criminal Justice in Rome and London : Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
    Explore England AND Italy this summer with AIFS! Earn 7 credits on the study and travel program Criminal Justice in Rome and London. Over the course of 7 weeks, you'll gain international perspectives… Study Abroad
  • University of Havana Summer : Havana
    This program brings you an exceptional educational and life experience in one of the most extraordinary places in the world. You will live, study and take part in Cuban society, enjoying the country’… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Finance : Copenhagen
    Whether funding a new venture, valuing an asset, quantifying the mechanics of a corporate restructuring, or making astute and informed judgments on international money markets, take the opportunity t… Study Abroad
  • AIFS Study Abroad in the Gold Coast, Australia : Gold Coast
    Spend a semester or academic year on the gorgeous Gold Coast in the north-eastern Australian state of Queensland! Home to pristine golden beaches, rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland c… Study Abroad