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Study Abroad Programs

  • CIEE Summer Japanese Studies in Tokyo, Japan
    Tokyo is known for its outstanding modern and avant-garde features but peppered throughout this mega-metropolis are hotspots of Japanese culture and tradition. Spend six weeks exploring Japan’s treas… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Open Campus Block in Cape Town, South Africa
    Now an international tourist destination, Cape Town is a gracious host, leaving visitors a lifetime of memories. Discover the Mother City’s many jewels by customizing your study abroad term on the Op… Study Abroad
  • API at Griffith University in Brisbane : Brisbane
    Griffith University was founded in 1971 with the goal of offering new degrees in progressive fields such as Asian studies and environmental science. It has since grown in to a large, comprehensive, a… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Summer in Berlin in Berlin, Germany
    Pack your bags and immerse yourself in the rich culture of one of Europe's most dynamic cities this summer. Learn about the historical context of the Holocaust, explore the important role that monume… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Summer in Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa
    Earn credits in Cape Town this summer exploring South African literature and film; the history of protests and social movements; and the historical, political, and economic transitions of South Afric… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Communications, Business + Political Economy in Taipei, Taiwan
    In Taipei, Chinese culture is embroidered with the threads of Japanese, southeast Asian, and U.S. influence. Spend the semester immersed in this unique environment to explore business, media, and pol… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Intensive Chinese Language + Culture in Taipei, Taiwan
    Spend the semester in Taipei immersed in language learning and exploring the rich traditions of a city where multiple cultures fuse into an exciting blend. Students at all skill levels can learn Mand… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Arts +Sciences in Tokyo, Japan
    Take your arts and sciences studies a step further in a city that radiates light and energy (along with anime, Godzilla, and Hello Kitty). The prestigious Sophia University is CIEE’s partner school a… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Ancient + Modern Japan in Kyoto, Japan
    Explore the dynamics of Japanese language and culture in one of the most celebrated historical cities in the world. As the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto remains the premier hub of traditional Japan… Study Abroad
  • CIEE January in Kyoto, Japan
    Bring your interest in Japanese Manga and Art to the ancient capital of Japan this January. Kyoto is the premier hub of traditional Japanese culture and is filled with palaces, temples, museums, and … Study Abroad
  • CIEE Central European Studies in Warsaw, Poland
    The capital of Poland is one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, filled with cultural, political, and economic institutions. It’s the perfect place to explore the history, politics, literature, and cult… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Business + Culture in Berlin, Germany
    Business + Culture in Berlin invites you to combine German language study with courses in international business at CIEE’s partner school, the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL). Students take… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Global Architecture + Design in Berlin, Germany
    The Global Architecture + Design program invites design, architecture, or sustainability majors or minors to create model cities that address climate change by reducing the environmental footprint of… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Global Internship in Berlin, Germany
    CIEE Global Internship programs are built just for you! All of our locations offer a wide range of internship opportunities across a diverse set of industries. When you apply, we work directly with y… Study Abroad
  • CIEE January in Berlin, Germany
    Students of all majors are invited to discover firsthand how historical forces have shaped Germany’s turbulent past and are building its vibrant future. Learn about the historical context of the Holo… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Open Campus Block in Berlin, Germany
    Do Berlin on your own terms by customizing your experience through the Open Campus program. Take one, two, or three six-week blocks, select your academic track from six options, then choose your cour… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts in Brussels, Belgium
    Bring your advanced French skills to the heart of Europe for studies at CIEE’s prestigious partner school, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Students have full access to the curriculum at ULB. Cla… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Business + International Relations in Brussels, Belgium
    Get a firsthand look at current political and economic issues by taking classes alongside Belgian students in the capital of the European Union. CIEE’s partner school, Vesalius College is your host f… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Summer Central European Studies in Budapest, Hungary
    Spend your summer in Budapest, one of the world’s most captivating cities. Learn how to speak Hungarian while exploring how the country’s politics intersect with trends and issues in Central Europe. … Study Abroad
  • CIEE January in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    January in Buenos Aires is designed for students who want to explore, understand, and debate Argentinian identity and culture through its music, specifically, Tango. The three-week course is taught a… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Liberal Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    People travel from all over the globe to dip into the cultural treasures of Argentina and barely scratch the surface. Imagine all you'll experience during a semester abroad in Argentina! Study at a w… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Open Campus Block in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    It’s called the “Paris of South America” for good reason! Buenos Aires is brimming with art, culture, architecture, and style. Discover this magnificent city your way by customizing your study abroad… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Summer Community Public Health in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    If you’re eager to learn more about the challenges of public health in Latin America and have a flair for Spanish language, Buenos Aires is the place for you. Whether your chosen field is biology, me… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Summer in Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    As one of the twenty largest cities in the world, Buenos Aires has plenty to offer, including a vibrant theater district, countless shops, dynamic neighborhoods, and plenty of educational and cultura… Study Abroad
  • CIEE Summer Intensive Spanish Language in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Become fluent in Spanish this summer! Come to Buenos Aires and connect with Argentinians as you explore this modern metropolis and live like a local. See what this colorful society is all about as yo… Study Abroad