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Study Abroad Programs

  • University of Edinburgh : Edinburgh
    Scotland is a favorite study abroad destination for students and the University of Edinburgh, one of the world’s leading academic institutions, is always a popular choice. It has the oldest English l… Study Abroad
  • University og Glasgow : Glasgow
    Study abroad at University of Glasgow offers you a green campus setting in the up-scale West End of Glasgow in an institution that is consistently ranked among the UK's top universities. You will exp… Study Abroad
  • University of Manchester : Manchester
    The University of Manchester is ranked among the world's top thirty institutions. It is a cutting-edge leader in research, with 25 Nobel laureates among its current and former staff and students. Man… Study Abroad
  • University of Melbourne : Melbourne
    Ivy-covered walls, state-of-the-art facilities and a five-minute walk to hundreds of restaurants and cafes - the University of Melbourne, one of Australia's leading institutions, is a popular choice … Study Abroad
  • University of New South Wales : Sydney
    University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a large and modern campus that caters to more than 50,000 high-achieving students from 120 countries. Established in 1949, it is ranked among the top 60 univer… Study Abroad
  • API Gap Semester/Month Community Service Program in Valparaiso, Chile : Valparaíso
    Join API for an exciting and immersive international gap experience in Valparaíso, Chile!Participants can contribute to the local community through service projects with green initiatives and environ… Study Abroad
  • API Gap Year in Harlaxton, England : Harlaxton
    Harlaxton offers an academic program of the highest quality which integrates traditional teaching with experiential learning and extensive travel opportunities to create a unique study abroad experie… Study Abroad
  • API at the Universidad de la Habana in Havana : Havana
    Cuban and Caribbean Studies for Intermediate/Advanced Spanish Speakers in Havana: Students who want to study abroad in Cuba and focus on Spanish language studies, as well as Cuban culture, would be w… Study Abroad
  • University of Otago : Queenstown
    Best known for environmental science, law, geology, and political studies, you’ll find thousands of courses available in subjects ranging from anthropology, film & media studies, and theater studies … Study Abroad
  • University of Queensland : Queenstown
    The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia’s oldest universities and is ranked in the top 50 globally. Located about five miles outside the center of Brisbane, UQ's picturesque sandstone c… Study Abroad
  • University of St. Andrews : St Andrews
    This world renowned university, founded in 1413, is one of the top universities in the UK and the 'Home of Golf'. It was named Scottish University of the Year in The Times and Sunday Times University… Study Abroad
  • API at University College Dublin in Dublin : Dublin
    Full Curriculum at University College Dublin: Students who choose to study abroad in Dublin at the University College Dublin (UCD) choose from a range of undergraduate courses offered in the Facultie… Study Abroad
  • University of Sydney : Sydney
    University of Sydney (USyd) is Australia's oldest and one of its most prestigious university. As a member of the Group of Eight, an elite coalition of leading Australian institutions, USyd offers you… Study Abroad
  • University of Technology Sydney : Sydney
    Are you a budding journalist, designer, business or marketing executive? University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has one of the most competitive communications and journalism programs in Australia and … Study Abroad
  • University of Westminster : City of Westminster
    As one of the biggest universities in the UK, with a high volume of international students, the University of Westminster offers a large variety of classes and departments to visiting students, inclu… Study Abroad
  • University of Wollongong : Wollongong
    Would you like an 83-acre campus nestled between beautiful bushland at the foot of Mt. Kiera and the stunning coastline while only an hour south of Sydney? University of Wollongong is perfect if you … Study Abroad
  • API at AUT University in Auckland : Auckland
    API students at AUT University will be able to enroll in a variety of subject areas with over 4,000 students, including local “Kiwis” and other international students from over 85 countries. The prog… Study Abroad
  • University of York : York
    The University of York has a reputation for academic excellence and offers some of the best teaching of any British university. This is highlighted in York's current faculty world rankings: 24th for … Study Abroad
  • Victoria university of Wellington : Wellington
    Victoria University of Wellington offers hundreds of course options and excels in the areas of arts, political science, Engineering (software, computer and electrical), women's studies, film/theater,… Study Abroad
  • Intensive French in Senegal : Dakar
    Senegal has long been seen as a crossroads where black African, Islamic, and European civilizations have met, clashed, and blended. Today it is still seen as a bridge between Africa and the West. Ye… Study Abroad
  • Teaching Practicum in France : Montpellier
    Live and study in Montpellier, one of France’s fastest growing cities and an emerging cultural and educational center. Within easy reach of both mountains and the Mediterranean, and home to 100,000 u… Study Abroad
  • Language & Culture in France : Montpellier
    Live and study in Montpellier, one of France’s fastest growing cities and an emerging cultural and educational center. Within easy reach of both mountains and the Mediterranean, and home to 100,000 u… Study Abroad
  • API at the Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca : Salamanca
    Spanish Language and Culture: This is a great program for students who want to study abroad in Salamanca and focus on improving their Spanish language skills while taking courses in conversation and … Study Abroad
  • API at Universidad Central Marta Abreu de Las Villas (UCLV) in Santa Clara : Santa Clara
    Students who study abroad in Santa Clara, Cuba with API on the Integrated Studies Program will be able to take courses with Cuban students at the Universidad Central Marta Abreu de Las Villas (UCLV).… Study Abroad
  • API Gap Year in Stirling, Scotland : Stirling
    Ever want to study in a city with it's own castle and loch on campus? Explore what else Stirling has to offer in a gap year at University of Stirling! Well known for it's superior sports facilities, … Study Abroad