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Benefits to Interning Abroad

Posted on May 07, 2019


Thinking of ways to be a standout candidate when applying to your dream job or graduate program post-graduation? Taking on a meaningful internship abroad provides you with an unmatched opportunity for professional and personal development that will make you a competitive applicant.

What are a few benefits to internships abroad?

  • Receive academic credit. Many times you can utilize your internship experience for academic credit.
  • Internships can be more affordable than traditional study abroad programs. Some internships abroad opportunities are paid.
  • Internships abroad marry the international and cultural experience of being overseas with the practical experience of working and developing desired skills in a global environment.
  • If you intern in a non-English speaking country you'll have the opportunity to hone in a your foreign language skills in a professional setting.
  • Internships may be more flexible that traditional study abroad. Internships often can be arranged anytime of the year and for different durations
  • A growing number of employers are looking for candidates to have cross-cultural work experience as a prerequisite for hiring.

Considering an internship abroad? Learn about the next steps to make it happen.

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