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Global Programs

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  • How to Choose the Right Global Program for You

    Students have thousands of global programs to choose from which makes choosing the right program a tough decision. Thinking about what’s important to you in a global program can help you decide which…

  • Tips for Heritage Seekers Traveling Abroad

    For many ethnic minority students, learning about their heritage is very important. Going abroad presents these students with an opportunity to connect and learn about their ancestral history and cul…

  • Studying Abroad: New Perspectives On The United States

    So much of my growth during my study abroad experience has occurred outside of the classroom, or in “alternative” classrooms traveling around Xalapa, and other cities and villages in Mexico. I have f…

Planning to Go

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  • Using Financial Aid Abroad

    Going abroad can be expensive, but that shouldn't stop you from pursuing opportunities overseas. If you are concerned with how to finance a study abroad experience, this guide will help you understan…

  • Ease Into Travel: 3 Travel Memoirs You Should Read

    Many times we hesitate to take on new experiences because we don’t know what those experiences are like. Our comfort zone is pretty comfortable. There can be many reasons for this; maybe none of our …

  • Things to Consider When Picking Your Program

    Choosing an overseas program can be overwhelming. Consider these five factors to help you figure out which program and provider best fit your needs. The cost of a study abroad program can be a deal b…

Living Abroad

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  • Managing Mental Health While Abroad

    When you're preparing to study abroad you generally hear all sorts of warnings about things like culture shock, reverse culture shock, and homesickness as common causes of depression and anxiety duri…

  • My Take on Being LGBTQ+ in Spain

    As a member of the LGBTQ community, I had many concerns regarding my safety prior to studying abroad. There has been lots of progress made in favor of gay rights, but there is still a long way to go.

  • Engaging In Challenging Conversations Abroad

    Cross-cultural dialogue is one of the greatest learning opportunities you'll have when you're overseas, so while it might make you uncomfortable, embrace the chance to learn more about yourself and o…

Coming Home

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