Preparing the Next Generation
of Global Leaders

Expand Your Reach. Support Student Success. Unlock Opportunities

Diversity Abroad’s vision is that the next generation of young people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds are equipped with the skills, knowledge and global acumen to thrive in the 21st century interconnected world and competitive workforce. To accomplish this goal we partner with over 270 institutions and organizations in following ways:

Who We Reach & How We Reach Them

It’s no secret that only a small percentage of young people who pursue international programs have been students of color, first-generation college students or students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe all students and young people should have equitable access to academic, interpersonal and career benefits afforded through international education. This is why the Diversity Abroad focuses its efforts in increasing participacion and supporting the success of students from diverse backgrounds through international education. Our student community also represents the fastest growing student populations enrolling in colleges and universities in the United States.

From the Global Student Leadership Summit and the Passport Tour that directly brings us face to face with students to a strong social media presence and curated content that advises students before during and after participation in international programs, offline and online we connect and expand our community of talented, diverse, and globally minded young people. And with professionals and faculty at over 270 Diversity Abroad member institutions connecting their students to resources and directories community, our reach continues to grow.

Our Partners

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  • DAAD
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