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Covering the Cost of Study Abroad

Posted on August 06, 2017

The number one reason students cite for not going abroad? Cost. We’ve got plenty of resources for diverse students to get started with scholarship and major funding sources, but it’s important to think about what you can do every day to afford that overseas experience.

First: Save!

If you don’t have a savings account or other travel fund set aside yet, start here. By setting aside funds to go abroad, you are less likely to burn through your savings on impulse buys. Some banks and credit unions even allow you to name your different accounts. For some great ideas on how to get started, check out our webinar, How to Budget and Save for Study Abroad.

Now that we’ve gotten the prerequisites out of the way, here are some side hustles to help you earn more:


Get paid in your free time. Services like TaskRabbit connect you to people willing to pay for help doing tasks like building furniture or doing yard work. If physical labor isn’t for you, capitalize on your creative talents using Fiverr, a platform for freelance graphic artists, digital designers, and more.



If you and your car meet the minimum and maximum age requirements respectively, become a driver to earn a little extra cash. As a bonus, you’ll have the added benefit of getting your car serviced and gassed up on the company tab. And if you’d rather transport peas than people, try driving for delivery services, where you can transport groceries or takeout orders.

Donating Yourself to Science (Kind of

Consider becoming a paid research subject on campus. Compensation varies from food, to gift cards, to hourly and lump sum payments. This can vary from completing a survey, to being observed. Figure out what you are comfortable with and read over the risks carefully when deciding if you’d like to be part of a study.

The Old-Fashioned Way: Work!

Whether on campus as work-study, or off-campus, find a part-time job with sites like Craigslist, Indeed, or Idealist. Also, why not work during winter and summer breaks? Many campus bookstores also need people during the beginning of the semester rush.



“It takes a village”, so why not ask friends and family to contribute to your trip fund? You can do this via cash and check (just make sure the money makes it into your savings account!) Or, you can set up a fund on your preferred crowdfunding website. Be sure to read the fine print so you are aware of any restrictions or fees.

Keep it Going

The hustle doesn’t have to end once your experience abroad begins. If permitted, consider subletting your room or apartment while you’re abroad to avoid paying double rent.

The cost of going abroad can be daunting, but there are definitely ways to make it more affordable. Every little bit helps, so get out there and get your side-hustle on!

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