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GSLS Alumni Feature: Adelia Davis

Posted on October 06, 2017

You’ve concluded your time abroad-- what’s next? Continue the forward motion by participating in our Global Student Leadership Summitand learn how to translate your experiences into the skills you need to be truly global leader. To learn more about what it means to be a part of GSLS, read below for the perspective of Adelia, an alum of our inaugural GSLS Fellows class.

Adelia’s GSLS Experience

When I was offered the opportunity to attend the inaugural Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS), I automatically knew that it was a great privilege and opportunity to network and meet other like-minded students from different areas of our nation. Back then, the cohort of student leaders measured less than twenty-five, far fewer than today, but just as impactful.

I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in psychiatry, and to pursue it from a global context, therefore, the biggest advantage of attending GSLS was the networking. I met so many great professionals who connected me with some of their contacts later, and I really appreciated that.

Beyond professional connections, I met really awesome students who have gone places I never thought about traveling to. We engaged in a rich dialogue while sharing each other's experiences. It opened me up to so many other opportunities. I wasn’t limited to what I was just exposed to at my university. It helped me to see all that I can get involved with.

How to get involved in the Global Student Leadership Summit

The Global Student Leadership Summit is designed for students from diverse backgrounds who have participated in study abroad or other international programs. If you want to attend GSLS in the future but have not participated in an experience abroad, here is my advice to you.

  1. Always be on a journey to find what you’re passionate about, and then go do it.
  2. Whether you think that it’s lucrative or not, the money will follow and at least you’ll be happy and have joy.
  3. While you’re abroad, remember to form meaningful connections with local people from that country.

When I studied abroad in Pretoria, South Africa, understanding the depth of a culture and how people think and love was one of the most important things to take out of a study abroad experience. You won’t get that on the internet or in the US. This is your chance to get a guided tour and form friendships around the world. It’s invaluable.

Where is she Now?

After graduating, Adelia won the University of Michigan’s prestigious Wallenberg Fellowship, presented to one senior each year who shows exceptional promise and commitment to social good. Adelia is using this fellowship to return to South Africa. She is working with school children in South Africa and focusing on the construction of racial identity through storytelling.

For more information about the Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS), clickhere.

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